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I help multi-passionates bring their ideas to life on a completely STRESS-FREE timeline.

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Let's put an end to throwing multi-passionates under the bus, and offering "choose one thing" as blanket statement advice. 

Hey lovely

I'm Joi! Lover of crystals, houseplants, and creative people like you.

I vow to never give you blanket statement advice or pretend that being multi-passionate is a choice. I know you came here to share your gifts, and I'm not going to pump you up with empowerment content only to leave you with zero *actual* steps to take. I'm here to give you practical tools that will help you embrace your talents as a gift, not a burden, and bring your ideas to life on a completely stress-free timeline.


“I haven’t seen anyone out there that's teaching the things Joi teaches in the way she does.”

For many of us, we’re taught that we need to focus on one thing, go deep into that one thing, spend the 10k hours and become a master. But if you’re like me, that just never felt right, but you tried to do it anyway. I did too, then along came Joi.

The best teachers walk the walk and show you by example how their teachings work. Joi constantly inspires me by just being who she is and she creates amazing content because she knows what works.

Her content (from her e-book to her courses/programs) is clear, organized and beautiful! I haven't seen anyone out there that's teaching the things Joi teaches in the way that she does.

— Beth, artist | Bethcyr.COM

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