The Only Houseplant You'll Ever Need

The Only Houseplant You’ll Ever Need & Why

Growing up, my mother not only had a green thumb but an entire handful of gardening miracles. I’ll save those details for a later post. What you need to know now is that even though we lived in several different apartments over the years, we always had two large, vine-like plants on top of a shelf. My mom would instruct me to climb up and water them every week or so.

Holding onto a Pothos vine

I never payed the plants much mind, until I moved out on my own and unknowingly purchased two of the same plants to go on top of my high kitchen shelves. It wasn’t until they had been up for a few days that I realized they were the same heart shaped leaves I grew up with.

So, two things:

1. I’m turning into my mother (I’m happy about that).
2. I’ve found the most amazing houseplant out there; the Pothos plant.

A few of my Pothos plants

I am convinced this is the only houseplant you’ll ever need (all others are optional). If being like me and my mom isn’t a good enough reason for you, I’ll share a few more facts.

-Pothos Varieties-

Potted Golden Pothos

The Pothos plant comes in a few different varieties: Golden Pothos (pictured here) is the most common. It is nearly impossible to kill and is widely available. As if that wasn’t enough, the Pothos plant is one of the most air-purifying plants you can have in your home. My favorite thing about the Pothos, though, is that is very versatile in terms of the decor options. You can get really creative with these babies! 

Golden Pothos on pole

Pothos varieties are extremely easy to find anywhere that plants are sold. I recently purchased this “poled” Pothos plan at my local grocery store. When the vines are attached to a pole, the leaves grow upwards, creating the look of a tree and allowing the leaves to grow quite large. Cool, right?

Hanging Golden Pothos

The Pothos plant also makes a great hanging plant for a high ceiling or window frame. The long vines of the Pothos plant can grow up to 10 ft. long! However, I suggest trimming the long legs from time to time so that the base of the plant can remain full and healthy. You can cut them anywhere in between the leaves. Then, consider placing your clipping into a glass jar, add some rocks if you wish, and fill with filtered water.

-Aquatic Pothos-

Aquatic Green Pothos in a jar

Your Pothos plant can live happily ever after in water alone. (Some folks even grow them inside aquariums.) This is one of my favorite ways to display the Pothos plant. I like to use old glass jars (get more details here) or recycled liquor bottles to showcase these lovely vines. It’s also interesting to see their root system develop under water.

Green Pothos in recycled mustard jar

Simply keep the water full by topping it off about every two weeks. Once a month, you can change the sitting water out for new water if you wish, this can speed up growth.

I have to emphasize that from a single Pothos plant, you can have several healthy clippings that you can place around your home, or give them away as gifts! I have over ten clippings in my home and each one has its own unique flair.


FullSizeRender (40).jpg

As for watering goes, the Pothos is easy. Plan to water once a week during the warmer months, or once every two weeks during the colder months. To be sure your plant is thirsty, press your finger into the soil about an inch deep, if you still feel moisture in the dirt, hold off.

Another method I use to tell when my plants need watering is to simply observe the leaves, they wilt when they’re thirsty. This works well if your plants are up high since it’s easier than climbing a ladder just to check the soil. A few minutes after you water, you can see the leaves perk back up.

Don’t worry if you forget to water, just give your plant a nice drink as soon as you remember. The Pothos plant is very resilient and forgiving.


The Only Houseplant You'll Ever Need

I hope you’re convinced that this is the only house plant you’ll ever need. The Pothos plant can survive with low light, it purifies the air and needs very little of your attention. It can be potted, hung, tied to a pole, or grown aquatically. This lush green plant offers so much beauty and versatility for such low maintenance! If you’re skeptical, pick one up the next time you’re at the grocery store or your local nursery and see for yourself. My mom will be so proud.

Soon I’ll be posting more details about how to style your Pothos clippings, so stay tuned. Be sure to leave a comment if you’re a Pothos lover or plan to add one to your home.



“Holding on to a Pothos vine” photo by Daisha Jimenez

All other photos by Donnell Spencer Jr.

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  1. Funny I should be reading this. I have one of these sitting here at my desk but never knew the name of it. I love your photos too! Thanks for this post!

  2. I can grow a plant, but the minute it is time to repot it, they always die, I love these plants and I am considering trying again. Your plants are beautiful.

  3. Pothos are one of my favorite houseplants! I think I have four different varieties right now, and am ALWAYS snipping off cuttings to make new little plants. Awesome post – thank you for sharing!

  4. D’Ana, it’s so thoughtful to be included in your post. Parents never really know what planted seeds will continue to blossom once you’re on your own. You definitely have a green thumb! Great informative post!
    Xoxo mom

  5. My grandmother is the green thumb in the family. I, on the other hand, could kill a cactus. I have been looking for a versatile plant for home for exactly the reasons you stated. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you for this post and the pictures are beautifull. I’m going to buy some tomorrow, the two you gave me are thriving love. It’s Saturday night and your blog + wine+ 90’s rnb is LIFE!!!!

    1. Daisha! Thanks for coming and hanging out in my little corner of the internet 😋. Can’t wait to see the lovely plants that you get this weekend and so happy to know that Pothos are on the list. ♥️

  7. Such beautiful images. Also, your take on the awesomeness & how to’s of the pothos plant is so simplistic and artfully articulated!

    1. Hey Quinn! Thanks so much. I think the Pothos plant is slightly underrated but is truly the plant that keeps on giving. 🙂 Appreciate you taking the time to read! xo

  8. photos are mom has 2 of these plants in her home (never knew what they were) but she’s had them for literally at least 8 years. I’m gonna have to find room in my teeny aparment to hang one.

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