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Repurposing Your Content is a Spiritual Practice (even if you don’t realize it)

July 30, 2022

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When you think about repurposing your content, you probably think about how much time it will save you.

You may have read articles with headlines like “How I turn one podcast episode into 10 pieces of content” where you learn tips and tools for “working smarter, not harder.”

While all of that may be true, there’s a missing piece of the puzzle that nobody is talking about:

Repurposing your content is a spiritual practice.

The Sacred Act of Repurposing Your Content

I would argue that sharing your content in the first place is a spiritual practice in itself, but repurposing is even more so.

When you share a piece of content you’re taking ideas out of the collective consciousness, your brain, your soul, and your heart, and introducing them into the material 3D world.

Whether you do this through writing, video, graphics, or any other artform is irrelevant.

The act of allowing your work to “exit” the space inside of you that it had inhabited is sacred and not to be overlooked. (Regardless of how much engagement your work gets!)

Given that sharing your work is sacred, you might already be making the connection to why repurposing your work is an even deeper spiritual practice.

Repurposing your content requires that you double down on your belief in yourself and the content that you’ve chosen to create.

When you take your written article and turn it into a video, for example, you’re not just “repurposing,” you’re sending a message to your soul that says:

I believe in what you have to say so much that I’m willing to share this in another format so that more people will be able to find it and benefit from it.

You’re also saying:

My voice deserves to be heard. I believe that my work is meaningful. I trust that my content will find those who need it the most.

It’s much deeper than “working smarter, not harder.”

When you choose not to repurpose your work, it doesn’t mean that you don’t believe in yourself.  However, if you want to deepen your connection to your creative process, give this experiment a try.

The Repurposing Project


The next time you create a piece of content that you feel connected to (the original format doesn’t matter), make an intentional decision to repurpose it in a different format.

To get meta with a real-life example:

This article is going to become a video training that I’ll add to my group coaching program because I want my clients to see their content this way too.

Also, I believe that this message is worthy of being shared and expressed in various ways.

I’ll also mention this concept in one of my podcast episodes and create a visual graphic to introduce this topic on Instagram to announce that my signature program now has a bonus module dedicated to the spiritual art of content creation.

That’s one article repurposed on various platforms. And my soul feels all tingly about it because I embrace the spiritual aspect of this process.

Back to you: Choose a piece of content to repurpose and while you’re in the process, affirm yourself and honor the work you are creating.

This is not from a place of inflated ego but from a place of self-love. It’s also how you tap into the spiritual aspect of repurposing your content.

Turning your podcast into a blog post?

Affirm yourself by saying things like:

“My voice is worthy of being heard in various formats.”

“I trust and honor the message I’ve chosen to share today.”

“I believe that my work has the potential to enrich someone’s life.”

You get the idea.

With this simple act of affirming yourself, you’ll never look at “working smarter, not harder” the same way again.

D’Ana Joi is a life coach for multi-passionates and host of the Multi-Passionate Mastery Podcast. She helps creatives from all walks of life break free from the pressure of doing “all the things” at once so that they can enjoy being multi-passionate without burning out. 

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