Ready to spend less time feeling overwhelmed in your biz and more time clocking out early to catch the sunset?

Ready to spend less time feeling overwhelmed in your biz and more time clocking out early to catch the sunset?


Productivity, time management, focus... all of that increases TENFOLD when you have project management in your toolkit.

Can we have a moment of silence for the last 9-5 I worked that taught me this valuable lesson?!

*whispers* Thank you.

I walked away from that job to go all-in on my biz, but I took the skills I learned with me. Now, it's time to share the goods.

The days of feeling frazzled and unorganized in your biz are coming to an end.


Cheers to that!

I've taken my experience as a Project Manager at a fast-paced startup and turned it into a course for creatives like you.

I've taken my experience as a Project Manager at a fast-paced startup and turned it into a course for creatives like you!

Learn my secrets for embracing project management as a SKILL not a software.

5 modules to power up your project planning including how to delegate, manage multiple projects, and create seasons of focus in your biz!

Easy enough to finish in one weekend, broken into bite sized lessons so you can go at your own pace.

ready for your life to change?

Beautifully designed video trainings to keep you engaged and integration materials to bring it all home.


But How would it feel to have:

Game changing skills

If you're hoping that downloading Asana (or Clickup, or Trello) is going to magically fix your biz, you're setting yourself up for letdown. The software doesn't matter if you don't have the skillset behind it!

A creative approach

If I hear one more coach say "being multi-passionate is just an excuse for not committing," I'm gonna throw my lavender oat milk latte at the wall. It's time for an approach to managing multiple projects that DOESN'T ask you to sacrifice your multi-passionate brilliance.

A course you actually *want* to FINISH

I designed this course with creatives in mind, which means beautiful branding, relatable examples, and bite sized lessons that get the point across without any unnecessary fluff.

I know, I know. You're thinking the last thing you need is another course that you won't complete.

Project Planning Power Pack


teach me plz

Module One


Basic project management skills will serve you for the lifetime of your creative biz and beyond. You'll want to know what it means to approve a deliverable, map out sprints, and hold a post-mortem, among other things, so that you can go from ideation to completion with ease. Sound like Latin? That's okay, I got you.

teach me plz

Module Two


Choosing one thing isn't realistic. Understanding various stages of a project and making sure you don't have too many projects in the same stage is. This is KEY For multi-passionates. Game changer is an understatement.

teach me plz

Module Three


It's amazing what can happen in 90-Days! When you have a specific intended outcome or big project that requires a lot of energy, creating a dedicated Seasons of Focus can be massively supportive.

teach me plz

Module Four


There's an old saying that goes: "It's never just one task." Okay fine, I made that up, lol. But it's true! Breaking your large task into smaller steps is the first step in gaining what I like to call "Subtask Clarity" (also made that up).

teach me plz

Module Five


Learn how to ask for help. Trust yourself to trust your team. And above all else, practice compassionate leadership- we're all human beings with very real feelings, after all.

"The course helped me so much! The tips for managing multiple projects have reduced my stress significantly.

My biggest breakthrough was learning how to schedule my projects so they don't overlap at inconvenient times. 

If you're considering taking the course I would say go for it! It's beautifully put together, and there are so many priceless lessons that will help you run your business. In a nutshell, I would describe the course as: Beautiful, packed with information, and a total game-changer."

"Delegating was always something I'd like to do some day but I didn't really know where to start.

The Delegating for Creatives module helped me see that I can let go of the idea that I need to be like a robot without feelings to be able to delegate and manage other people. It made realize it's okay to have good days and bad days and be able to talk about that, as well as let those on the team know it is okay if they have off days too. It gave me the perspective of how transparency can create connection on the team."

Student Reflections

- Emma veritas, course student

- Beth CYR KROH, Course student

Understand the basics of project management in a way that's relatable and easy to implement so that you can get tons of time and energy back.

Know how to create a "Season of Focus" and gain massive momentum in your biz so that you can feel empowered about your progress.

Be able to manage multiple projects without the overwhelm so that you can embrace being multi-passionate as an advantage, not a setback.

Have a clear actionable plan for breaking your projects into sprints so that no task feels too big for you to tackle.

Embrace the art of delegating effectively and with compassion, so that you can finally get the support you've been needing for a while now.

Embody the skills of a Project Manager (instead of relying on software alone) so that you can run your business like a total powerhouse.

Here's the promise I'm making to you. By the end of this course you will...

Let's do this

"Joi’s ability to hold a creative vision matched with her project management skills are what takes our working relationship to a level I’ve never experienced before.

It’s rare to find someone with the skills and organization to carry a project from start to finish in the way she does."

-Maggie Domingo

Team Joi Knows How VA

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Hey, I'm Joi!

I'm a multi-passionate educator who believes having many talents is a gift, not a burden. You may know me from the Joi Knows How brand I've built over the years, or you may have seen/heard me through channels like Being Boss, Rising Tide Society, Showit, Flodesk, Puttylike and Mantra Wellness Magazine.

When I'm not serving my clients or creating content, you can find me strolling through the city with my rescue pup Chai, hula hooping, or overspending at the plant shop.

A few years ago, if you would have told me that I would create a project management course for creatives, I would have laughed in your face.

I spent years wondering when my little blog would magically turn into an actual business.

Then, I was offered a project manager position at a fast-paced startup and my life changed. After enduring a PAINFULLY boring course my first week on the job, I dove in head first working with a team of 20 and taking us from ideation to grocery store shelves. 

I left that position to go all in on my biz, but I took the skills I learned with me and the results were immediate.

Within 6 months of being self-employed I published an e-book, launched a group coaching program,  created the Focus Style Quiz, hired my first virtual assistant, and started working other dream projects- all while having time to clock out early to catch the sunset whenever I felt like it.

Pretty sweet right? You know what's sweeter? Realizing that my unique approach to project management, focus, clarity, and delegation are the keys to being a multi-passionate entrepreneur who is empowered instead of overwhelmed- then putting it all into a course for you to enjoy.

i can help because i've been there

"Beautiful, packed with information, game-changer."

- Emma V.

If you're considering taking the course I would say go for it! It's beautifully put together, and there are so many priceless lessons that will help you run your business.


“Enlightening, Fun, Helpful”

- Beth C.

Before taking this course project management seemed so boring and technical and managing multiple projects felt overwhelming. Now that I've gone through the course I realize that it can be fun and easy and doesn't take nearly as much time to get it all organized and set up as I thought it would.  The steps are really easy to follow and easily translatable to different types of projects.


Questions? My inbox is open!

We will be in touch shortly. Meanwhile, feel free to browse our Instagram feed. via the link below.


Thank you