My November Goals

My November Goals

Wondering why I started this blog? As a multi-passionate creative, I used to be plagued by the idea that success meant choosing one thing and sticking with it. The problem was choosing just “one thing” left me unable to show up in the world as my most authentic, full self. One day I woke up and decided to finally embrace and share all of my gifts. My next thought: I should start a blog as a space for my passions to play. I never looked back after that moment. 

psst. over here.

Here we are again! I always look forward to the start of a new month because I can take a moment to look inward and set new goals. Sharing my goals here on the blog has been transformational. I love feeling supported and accountable. In a moment I’ll share my November goals with you (I’ve also got some fun FREE content for you this month at the end of the post), but first, let’s get into how my goals for October went. Here goes:

My goal of hiking once week resulting in me hiking only once. Having flashbacks to that yoga goal I set in August! However, I did go for walks around my neighborhood throughout the month. For some reason, these physical goals seem to be the most challenging for me to keep. I’m trying a new method this month which we’ll get to in a bit.

The Fall garden project is underway! We found tons of harmful grubs burrowed in the soil of our garden bed so we had to find an organic solution to get rid of them. Next weekend, starter plants and seeds go in! Super excited about this and having the goal of getting it done in October was really helpful.

I took a multi-vitamin way more often that I would have if it wasn’t on my goals list. The trick is keeping the bottle in a spot where I’ll see every day. It’s an out of sight out of mind issue. Do you take a multi-vitamin, any tips on how to keep it consistent?

The Creative Art of Goal Setting

Let’s all do a happy dance because my goal of blogging consistently was a WIN! It was so fun to show up week after week with new blog posts and fresh content for my newsletter subscribers. Ain’t no stoppin’ me now! I hope you enjoyed seeing me post more often because I’m going to keep it going.

My Friendsgiving plans are up in the air because we have some construction going on at home in the area where I wanted to host it. I may still do something small that doesn’t require much planning.

Of all the goals I set in October, the most transformative piece was my mantra of the month: Done is better than perfect. This mantra resonated with so many readers as well. One day I hope to refer to myself as a “former perfectionist.” Until then, I’m returning this mantra whenever I need to (which is quite often).

So, that’s how my goals went last month. Let’s get into what I’m focusing on for November.

November Goals

Practice intentional gratitude

Lately, I’ve noticed how easy it is to practice gratitude when everything’s going great. It’s those tough times when you’re feeling like your efforts are not paying off, or challenging circumstances leave you off balance— that our gratitude practice can slip away from us.

This month I’m practicing intentional gratitude. I’m saying “thank you” out loud as many times as possible throughout the day. Thank you to the Cashier, thank you to my car, thank you to my parents, thank you to the warm sunshine on my skin.

I’m dusting off my gratitude journal and I’m remembering that I can be THANKFUL right now; before the physical manifestations to show up. I hope that as I make this my focus for the month, the practice will stay with me. How can you practice intentional gratitude this month?

Move for 30 mins

Here we go again, another exercise goal. Since my very first public goals post in August I’ve been working towards making movement a part of my daily routine. I’m not a fan of gyms, so I have to be sure to figure out other ways to get exercise and keep my body healthy. Instead of limiting my goal to yoga or hiking as I did in past months, I’m simply focused on movement. The goal is to move for 30 minutes every day. This could be 15 minutes of walking and 15 minutes of hula hooping (yes, hula hooping). It could mean a 30-minute yoga video or whatever I’m feeling that day. I’m really hoping that this more loose goal will be one that I can keep. How do you approach your exercise practice? I’d love some tips so feel free to leave a comment.

Batch-work new content

This goal goes along with my goal of blogging more consistently. Batch-working is a process where you focus on one area of content creation at a time. To maximize productivity,  you “batch” various aspects of the project. For instance, here’s what I’ve decided my blogging batch-work flow will look like for this month:

Session 1- Brainstorm 4 new blog post ideas, add catchy titles to each one, and start a draft document for said posts.

Session 2- Write copy for all posts during this session, write Instagram captions to use for promoting posts, and excerpts to include in newsletters.

Session 3- Complete photography for all posts, edit photos, upload.

I could keep going, but you get the idea. When you’re a multi-passionate creative and have many projects progressing at once, batch-working is a game changer. It may seem like it takes longer, but in reality, it creates much more freedom. Once I’ve batch-worked 4 new blog posts, I’ll have an entire month’s worth of content ready to go. During that month I can focus on engagement, and batch-working other projects, such as my Etsy shop.

Wow. I have a lot to say about this topic, perhaps this could be a future blog post of its own! If you’d like to know more about batch-working, leave me a comment so I can make it happen.

Play my ukulele

This is going to such a fun goal to keep! This past weekend, my Sunday Serenade sessions over on Instagram made their return. You can read more about them here. It felt so good practicing my song and finding fun new covers to learn for the second season of my live sessions. I took a break from performing over the summer, and I didn’t play my ukulele as much because I knew I didn’t have a performance to prepare for. Picking my ukulele back up last week reminded me of how soothing and stress relieving playing and singing is for me. This month, even if it’s just for a few minutes, I’m going to play my ukulele every day.

New Etsy listings

It might seem odd that I have to make this a goal in order for it happen, but I’ve been neglecting my Etsy shop a bit lately. I’m working on some big ideas with how I can expand the JKH platform and create a community for us to connect more deeply. In light of that, Etsy has taken a back seat. Since the holidays are fast approaching, I want to be sure that I take some time to add fun new listings to my shop this month, batch-work style. 😉

Mantra of the month

This has become my favorite part of goal setting. This month my mantra is: Busy, but balanced.

The more I dive deep into my purpose of inspiring others and creating community, the more ideas I have. The more ideas I have, the more I execute. The more I execute, the busier I become. I don’t think “busy” is a bad word, unless you give it that power. I’d rather be busy with projects I love, than bored. Yet, when you’re constantly working towards your dreams, it can be all too easy to get off balance. Yes, I want the platform I’m building to be successful, but I also want to be a good partner, daughter, and friend to the people in my life. Busy, but balanced.

Mantra of the Month: Busy, but balanced

After several months of sharing my goals publicly on my blog, I’ve realized something. One of the things I enjoy the most about the process is the creative aspect. Drawing my goal chart, adding fun doodles, styling and photographing the flat-lays make even more me excited to share my goals with you. Creativity has a way of taking the mundane and making it magical.

That being said, I’ve created some fun visual content to inspire your creativity, productivity, and goal setting. Click the image below to sign up for my November Freebies bundle!

P.s. If you’ve already signed up my newsletter, these freebies on their way to you! No need to sign up again.


Beautiful FREE curated visual content bundle for November

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The Creative Art of Goal Setting

Thank you again for being here and holding keeping me accountable to my goals every month! Feel free to use my goal templates to create a list of your own so that I can root for you too.

Until next time, stay balanced.

  1. Chantel

    November 5th, 2018 at 9:02 pm

    Yes, new content for November! I definitely want to read more about this batch-work stuff. Also, the thing that helps me take my vitamins more regularly is using one of those “old timey” weekly pill boxes and setting it on my desk (because it’s a place I frequent every day). I take a multivitamin, vitamin c and an allergy pill every day and then throw in a zinc pill or an iron pill every few days.

    I’m skipping new goals this month (and redoing mine from October because I failed at them) because of my little series for November, but you have some really great ones! I’m glad that you’re back to playing your ukulele and can’t wait until the next session.

  2. Life in the Happy

    November 5th, 2018 at 11:26 pm

    I love your goals!! One of mine is the batch content one too <3 x

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