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 Multi-Passionate Mastery 101

You've arrived. And you're here because you're different. You not only have many interests, you have an abundance of talent and an inherent desire to share your gifts with the world.

You're a multi-passionate creative.

While everyone around you is niching down, and seems to have it all figured out, you're left wondering if there's a place for your version of success.

You're yearning to approach your life and business with grounded creative confidence and let go of what others think of you or how you should show up.

Join me in this free workshop as we explore how you can embark on the path towards your Multi-Passionate Mastery.

Discover your
Multi-passionate Mastery

Hey! I'm Joi.

I'm a multi-passionate content creator, educator, and community builder who believes having many passions is a gift, not a burden. My mission is to inspire fellow multi-passionates to break free from the myth that choosing one thing is the only path to success, and instead choose to step into their unique Multi-Passionate Mastery.™️

How to go from confused and conflicted to confident creative

Know your creative voice (and how to listen to it).

Use focus as a tool to gain momentum, your way.

Embrace the ebbs and flows of your your creative process.

Pivot with confidence and without apology. 

Blend your passions to create aligned offerings in your business.

When you Step into Multi-Passionate Mastery You...

Myths about multi-passionates to stop believing so that you can embrace your talents as a gift, not a burden.

How to start falling in love with focus so that you can finish what you start without feeling overwhelmed.

How to pivot without apology so that you can land on offers that align with your big picture visions.

+ How you can join The Multi-Passionate's Great Adventure Course at the lowest price it will ever be. (Limited time offer)

What you'll learn in this workshop

Confused & Conflicted

ACCept & Celebrate

Fall in love with focus

Make peace with MAINTENANCE

Rest, Reflect, Pivot 
(as needed)


    "When you’re driven to create in many ways, it can be hard to really get anything done because you want to do everything. Having someone teach about focus, different types of focus, and how to work with your own energy cycles feels like a key I’ve been looking for. [...] I haven’t seen anyone out there that is teaching the things Joi teaches in the way she does."


- Beth Cyr Kroh

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"Being accepting of this aspect of my life has proven to be a challenge, in my adulthood. However, your message provided such great insight and brought about a new found understanding and appreciation for simply being me. I am beyond grateful for your entire being and offering of such immense love and compassion for your fellow multi-passionate creatives."


- Jessica Baker

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