How to Create a 10-Minute Morning Routine

How to create a morning routine in 10 minutes! Joi Knows How Blog | Multi-passionate creative

How to Create a 10-Minute Morning Routine

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By now, you’ve heard about the many benefits of creating a morning routine. The morning routine I’ve created for myself has truly enhanced my daily experience, making waking up early more and more pleasing. It gives my day a sense of structure and helps me to be more intentional about how I want to feel. Here’s the thing though, creating a morning routine doesn’t have to be complicated!

Some of us have the luxury of leisurely mornings, and some of us are lucky if we’re able to finish our coffee before rushing into a hectic commute. I understand that all of our days are different, so I’ve shared my morning routine in steps that only require ten minutes of your time. If taking on this entire routine seems like too much, then I encourage you to simply pick one or two steps to practice and build from there. The simpler your morning routine is, the more likely you are to stick to it and reap the benefits.

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Morning Routine | Productivity | Productive Morning | 10-Minute Morning Routine | multi-passionate creatives | Joi Knows How blog


1. Wake with Gratitude


Morning Routine | Productivity | Productive Morning | 10-Minute Morning Routine | multi-passionate creatives | Joi Knows How blog

So simple, but so powerful. The moment you wake up, choose to fill your heart with gratitude. Say “thank you” (silently or out loud) before you get out of bed. I like to place my hands over my heart when I do this. Simply saying “thank you” puts you in positive space for the day. *Bonus tip: Smile while you do this step. 🙂

2. Make Your Bed


Morning Routine | Productivity | Productive Morning | 10-Minute Morning Routine | multi-passionate creatives | Joi Knows How blog

At the risk of sounding like a parent, I’m going to go ahead and encourage you to make your bed every morning. Making your bed will give you a sense of control over your entire day! You had the time to make your bed, so you must be on top of things. It sounds silly, but it works! Don’t worry about being meticulous, just do your best and get that bed made before moving on to the next step.

3. Find the Light


Morning Routine | Productivity | Productive Morning | 10-Minute Morning Routine | multi-passionate creatives | Joi Knows How blog

While you may not wake up with the sunrise, it’s still very beneficial to allow sunlight into your room as soon as possible after you wake. This will send signals to your brain that it’s time to start shaking off that sleepy feeling. Make letting the light in a part of your morning routine. Open your curtains and take a breath as the sun touches your face.


4. Choose a Scent


Morning Routine | Productivity | Productive Morning | 10-Minute Morning Routine | multi-passionate creatives | Joi Knows How blog

Choose a fragrance to pair with your morning routine. It could be lighting an incense, sage smudge,  or a stick of palo santo. Scents have a way of creating connections in our brains in a spectacular way. Our brains are wired to react to smells.  Fill your room with the scent of your choice to help signal that it’s time to wake up and get the day started.

Another option is to make a quick room spray with essential oil and filtered water. Get yourself an amber spray bottle, fill it with purified water, and add a few drops of high-quality essential oil (about 8-10 drops should do the trick). Peppermint and orange are great options for a refreshing morning aroma.

Morning Routine | Productivity | Productive Morning | 10-Minute Morning Routine | multi-passionate creatives | Joi Knows How blog

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Morning Routine | Productivity | Productive Morning | 10-Minute Morning Routine | multi-passionate creatives | Joi Knows How blog


5. Choose a Beverage

The next step in my morning routine is to choose a beverage. Chances are this is already part of your morning. Some of us reach for coffee, while others may opt for tea or warm water with lemon.

The key here is to enjoy your beverage with mindfulness. Once your cup is filled, hold it in both hands, and take a deep breath. Then take your first sip and allow yourself to be fully present, if only for that first sip. Bringing intention and presence to your morning beverage elevates it into a more meaningful part of your day.


6. Choose a mantra


The thing I do as a part of my morning routine is to choose a mantra for the day. This step is very powerful in helping you to establish how you want your day to feel. You can repeat your mantra throughout the day when you need a little reminder. Some examples are:

Today is my lucky day.

Everything is working in my favor today.

All is well.

Open up a fresh page in your journal and write your mantra. You can also write your mantra on your bathroom mirror with a whiteboard marker so that you can see it every day.  If you’re not a visual person, saying the mantra to yourself is just fine. It’s also totally acceptable to simply repeat your mantra to yourself while brushing your teeth. All is well.


7. Make a Morning Soundtrack


All my music lovers out there might already know that rising to music is one of the easiest ways to set the tone for your day. Choose songs that are upbeat and can ease you into the day is a positive way. I listen to my soundtrack every morning, and sometimes I’ll continue listening in the car during my commute.

You can also look for pre-made playlists. Spotify (or whatever music service you use) has some great morning themed playlists to choose from. If a playlist seems like too much work, simply choose one song to be your theme song for the morning. Might I suggest, “Here Comes the Sun,” by The Beatles?

… and that’s it! With just a few easy steps, you’re on your way to a more meaningful morning. Let’s recap.


Morning Routine | Productivity | Productive Morning | 10-Minute Morning Routine | multi-passionate creatives | Joi Knows How blog

  1. Awake with gratitude
  2. Make your bed
  3. Find the light
  4. Choose a scent
  5. Enjoy a beverage mindfully 
  6. Choose your Mantra for the day
  7. Listen to your morning soundtrack

I’d love to hear how this 10-minute morning routine works for you. Leave a comment and let me know!


Morning Routine | Productivity | Productive Morning | 10-Minute Morning Routine | multi-passionate creatives | Joi Knows How blog

Morning Routine | Productivity | Productive Morning | 10-Minute Morning Routine | multi-passionate creatives | Joi Knows How blog



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  1. momboss0714 says:

    Love love love this read. It is so important that people understand how you start your morning off will impact how the rest of your day will go.

  2. I loved this post! Morning gratitude has changed my life!! I have never tried a daily mantra but I LOVE the idea and am totally going to start doing this! Thanks for this post!

  3. Moving Through Momhood says:

    Okay, I feel peaceful just from reading this. I love these reminders. I’ve never thought to pick a scent, but I can see how that would be powerful. I also needed to be reminded to wake with gratitude…I’m working on my attitude and I’m going to try to practice this more. Great blog post!

  4. joshandevie says:

    this is just the best! making my bed doesn’t come too easy but I love it! I’ll definitely try!

  5. D'Ana Joi says:

    Hi Bri, I think you’ll love choosing a mantra for your day. It’s an easy thing to do and has such a great impact. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  6. D'Ana Joi says:

    Yes, absolutely. It’s easy to rush through the morning without slowing down to set the tone. Hoping this post will be a great reminder of that. Thank you for reading 🙂

  7. D'Ana Joi says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed this post and found it meaningful for you. The peppermint oil spray is a REALLY wonderful “wake up” scent. Of course, starting the day off with appreciation really does create the best kind of domino effect. 🙂

  8. Jasmine - The Crowning Glory says:

    I really enjoyed this post. I’ve been trying to be more consistent with my morning routine! I start everyday with gratitude 🙏🏾 And meditation.

  9. D'Ana Joi says:

    Don’t pressure yourself to have hotel quality bed-making skills, haha! Just do your best. You will feel the results. If nothing else, you accomplished making your bed for the day. I love that feeling and I bet you will too. 🙂

  10. Nikhila says:

    Really loved reading this and you have a wonderful blog. Keep rocking!

  11. I have always been a morning person but love incorporating new morning routines from time to time! Love these that you have shared <3

  12. D'Ana Joi says:

    Thanks so much Nikhila! Appreciate you taking the time to read. 🙂

  13. IrieDiva says:

    This was such a great post. I truly enjoyed it. I too have a morning routine. Ask me if I stick to it every morning however… Sigh. I like your idea of scent. I might try to incorporate that

  14. D'Ana Joi says:

    Yes, I wanted to show some different options so that people could pick and choose the parts that fit into their mornings. I’m glad you found it useful! Xo

  15. hleguilloux says:

    These are fantastic tips for starting the day off on the right foot. I enjoy using a diffuser with essential oils to create an uplifting aroma to start my day, usually something with citrus like grapefruit and wild orange. And of course coffee! Thank you for the brilliant post.

    Heather |

  16. tayjajea says:

    I thought of a quote as I read your post. They say your first hour of your day sets the tone for your entire day. I’ve been thinking about that recently and how I can better my morning routine to set the tone for the rest of my day and this is has some great suggestions! Thank you!

  17. I can’t wait to try this out. My morning routine is not even a routine. This is very helpful

  18. D'Ana Joi says:

    Oh it’s so easy to just bumble through the morning and then the next thing we know we’re at work! I really hope these tips help. xo

  19. D'Ana Joi says:

    love that quote! It totally rings true and resonates with this post. Thanks for reading! xo

  20. D'Ana Joi says:

    Mmm yes, citrus oils are great for a refreshing scent! You might enjoy peppermint as well. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  21. lau says:

    morning light is super important as I always get some here in southern Europe, I miss it when i travel to northern countries and it’s mostly dark.


  22. Amazing post, I’m still working on making my morning routine more positive oriented 💕

  23. D'Ana Joi says:

    Thank you for reading! Hopefully some of these tips can help you make the most out of your mornings. Let me know if you try any of the steps! Xo

  24. I love this article! I am still a night owl but I still need to put these tips to use!

  25. D'Ana Joi says:

    Thank you Jauwan! Even just one of two of the steps might help you to enjoy your mornings a little more. 🙂

  26. D'Ana Joi says:

    Hi Julia! You’re so lucky to naturally be a morning person. It’s something that I have to really work for. Happy these tips are still useful for you! xo

  27. what a beautiful post! I swear this was the zen post I’ve ever read! Loved it! my mornings are little chaotic most times lol I have two small children, but when I do manage to get out of bed before them, I feel like I can start the day much easier without the craziness–I get a head start on things they make difficult, like making breakfast, exercising etc lol.

  28. what a beautiful post! I swear this was the zen post I’ve ever read! Loved it! my mornings are little chaotic most times lol I have two small children, but when I do manage to get out of bed before them, I feel like I can start the day much easier without the craziness–I get a head start on things they make difficult, like making breakfast, exercising etc lol.

  29. nabilaraine says:

    This post came at a good time for me. I am currently trying to go to bed earlier so that I can wake up earlier. It honestly has not been working for me lately. But, I recently put the sleep reminder on my phone so I know how much time I have before I should be in bed. Fingers crossed this works. These tips that you gave on waking up in the morning will definitely help me. Especially letting sunlight into the room and the morning mantra! I also always make my bed in the morning! It makes my room feel so much more organized.

    Great post!

  30. E. Jones says:

    I am definitely stealing some of your tips, especially making the bed and choosing a scent. I already have my morning coffee each day with my morning soundtrack that I listen to on the way to work.

  31. This post was amazing. The photos are so perfect for the content. Lord knows I need a morning and night gtime routine! Keep it up!

  32. Shae says:

    I love this read! All of these things are important part of a being successful!

  33. D'Ana Joi says:

    Thank you so much. I can imagine that mornings with children is a much different experience than waking up on your own. Perhaps setting them up with their own simple routines could work. Maybe the three of you could do your mantras for the day together, for example. 🙂

  34. D'Ana Joi says:

    Thanks so much for reading. Going to bed earlier is something I’m still working on as well. It’s the night owl in me that refuses to go away! Letting light in truly does help with feeling refreshed. Bonus points if you can step outside for a moment. Making the bed is key!! xo

  35. I always make my bed in the morning and I feel it does make such a difference! As well my morning playlist is so important! Great post Samantha xx |

  36. nabilaraine says:

    We just received another hour, so hopefully we can take advantage!

  37. D'Ana Joi says:

    Yes! It helps with waking up earlier for sure!

  38. John says:

    These are some great tips for the morning routine. I get up so early in the morning for work, sometimes I’m just on the go to get to work and I don’t give myself time. Also these are some tips I can expose my clients too. Thanks xoxo

  39. D'Ana Joi says:

    Hi John! I’m glad you find these tips helpful. If your mornings are rushed, just pick one step to practice. Something like choosing and mantra for the day might be a great place to start. Xo!!

  40. D'Ana Joi says:

    Hey Jasmine! It’s so wonderful to meditate in the morning, I almost added that to this post, but I want to do an entire post about meditation in the future. Thanks for reading! xo

  41. This is so cute. I feel like most days I wake up with an attitude lmao I think scents and a playlist will definitely put me in a better mood. I also need to probably go to bed earlier and wake up earlier so that I’m not rushing in the mornings. xx

  42. Thank you for the great ideas! I love the morning soundtrack! I will pin this. 🙂

  43. I love this! I am not a morning person and find that I sleep too long and wake up frazzled to get ready. Your post challenges me to wake up with mindfulness and to start my day more intentionally, which I appreciate and definitely need to try!

  44. D'Ana Joi says:

    Thanks for reading! I can feel the difference when I allow time for a more intentional start to the day versus just rushing out the door. Major difference! 🙂

  45. D'Ana Joi says:

    Making the bed is such a game changer right?! Makes coming home at the end of the day feel much better too. Thanks for reading, Samantha. Xo

  46. D'Ana Joi says:

    Thank you for reading (and pinning)!! Glad you enjoyed these tips. 🙂 xo

  47. Ella Ames says:

    Fun post! Also, LOVE the mug- is it Anthropologie? I have the sister mugs;)

  48. KetCage says:

    For SO long, I’ve just wanted to be a little disciplined.
    For me, it’s hard to wake up and enjoy waking up. It’s like. Sort of annoying to me. I don’t like sleeping but.. the hour after I wake up is the most annoying hour.
    I’m all lazy and I don’t even feel like taking a bath even after knowing it’ll help me bring the good mood.
    This post really encouraged me. I hope this encouragement stays until tomorrow morning so that I can make the most out of my mornings!

  49. KetCage says:

    Oh and I think I forgot to mention how I love that you’ve put a pic of yourself with the “awake with gratitude” part :’)

  50. D'Ana Joi says:

    Thanks! Yep, it’s Anthropology. 🙂

  51. D'Ana Joi says:

    Haha! Mornings can be rough. In these winter months it’s a bit harder for me to get going as well. Try out some of these tips and see which ones you like! Thanks for reading. Xoxo

  52. D'Ana Joi says:

    Thank you 🙂

  53. KetCage says:

    Definitely gonna!
    YES, I feel sleepy throughout the day in winters and so I don’t like them so much.
    Thank you so much for the post again :’)

  54. sophiieschoice18 says:

    Love this! Definitely going to take some of these onboard that I don’t do already 🙂 great advice 🙂 x

  55. D'Ana Joi says:

    Thank you! I’m glad you found these tips useful and thanks for reading. xo

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  57. D'Ana Joi says:

    Waking up earlier is easier said than done right?! It’s totally fine to just choose one thing to incorporate into your morings that won’t be too difficult to practice. A playlist is the perfect choice!

  58. D'Ana Joi says:

    Omg girl if I could exercise in the morning that would be NEXT LEVEL haha! I wish!

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