How to Start a Crystal Collection

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

How to Start a Crystal Collection

Wondering why I started this blog? As a multi-passionate creative, I used to be plagued by the idea that success meant choosing one thing and sticking with it. The problem was choosing just “one thing” left me unable to show up in the world as my most authentic, full self. One day I woke up and decided to finally embrace and share all of my gifts. My next thought: I should start a blog as a space for my passions to play. I never looked back after that moment. 

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If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know that I have a pretty extensive crystal collection. Often when I post about crystals, I get messages asking me about what crystals do or what they mean. So I knew it was time to create a blog post on the subject. I started my collection several years ago after reading a book that suggested using a crystal during meditation. Once I brought my first crystal home and felt it’s magical effects, I was hooked.

Crystals are not only beautiful specimens of nature but can also be a great source of support in your everyday life. I created this post as a simple reference guide to help you get started with a crystal collection of your own. (Note: Once you start, you may find it hard to stop!)

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1. What are Crystals?

Crystals are living forms of Mother Earth. Many crystals form from melted molten lava that cools and creates various combinations of minerals, resulting in crystals. Others grow organically within the Earth’s surface.

One of my favorite explanations as to what crystals are can be found here:

2. What Are Crystals Used For?

If you’re not sure what you want to use crystals for, you may be overwhelmed with the various options available. Let’s discuss a few common uses for these beauties, and how that will inform which crystals you’ll start with.

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

Here are a few uses for crystals:

  • A tool for meditation. Holding crystals in your hands during meditation can help you get into a more relaxed state.
  • “Good luck” charms. Carry a crystal in your pocket for good luck!
  • Home decor. Crystals add a beautiful element to your home decor. Place them on shelves, mantels, or on your coffee table.
  • Energy balancing. Gems and minerals emit positive energy on a vibrational level. They can be used to balance the energy throughout your home, in your car, your work-space, and more.
  • Charging your drinking water. “Charge” your drinking water by placing crystals around a glass of filtered water (or on top if you’re using a jar with a lid) to allow the energy of the crystals to blend with the water molecules. Then, after about eight hours, you can drink it and feel how smooth and refreshing the water tastes and feels! NOTE: I don’t recommend putting crystals directly into your water unless you are sure they are not porous and will not have any adverse effects. Placing them around your glass is perfectly fine.
  • A source of tranquility. I strongly believe that contemplating the beauty of crystals inspires tranquility. Sometimes we don’t know why we are attracted to gems and minerals, but we can all appreciate their beauty and peaceful energy.

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

Once you know how you intend to use your crystals, you can look for specific stones that suit your needs. For instance, if you’re interested in using crystals for meditation, you may want to choose “pocket stones” as the base of your collection while larger crystals are more ideal for home decor. If you want to use your crystals to charge your water or balance energy, then crystal “points” are a great option. More on different types of crystals later.

3. What do Crystals Do?

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

Crystals emit a pure positive frequency. They have the ability to communicate with you by sending you their positive energy, simply by making contact with you through touch. This is why crystals are such a valuable tool in meditation. I have personally used crystals as a meditation aid, to help soothe anxiety when taking a big test, to bring more creativity and inspiration into my life, and to attract more abundance. I place them on my desk when I’m working, and I place them on the edge of my bathtub when I’m soaking. I often pick them up and simply contemplate their breathtaking beauty. I place crystals around my water glass to infuse the water with crystal-energy. I carry stones in my purse (or I put them in my bra). I also love giving crystals as gifts.

Each crystal has its own properties that you can seek out to support your needs. One way to learn about the properties of a crystal is to simply do a Google search! Type the name of the crystal and “healing properties” and you will find several resources. For example, “Amethyst Healing Properties.” You can also invest in a good crystal reference book.

How to Start a Crystal Collection |


How to Start a Crystal Collection |

Click image below for Amazon Pricing

I recommend starting with “The Crystal Bible” because it has photos of each crystal, what they do, and how to use them for specific needs. This book is also small enough to take with you to the crystal store to use as a reference while browsing. Let’s say you want to find a crystal that helps with headaches, simply go to the index and look for “headaches”, and a list of crystals that can be used for this purpose will be available.

4. Which Crystals Should I Start With?

There are many different varieties of gems and minerals and each of them is beautiful in their own way. If you’re new to the world of crystals, it can be a little overwhelming at first! Here are my suggestions for a few that are great options for starting your collection. They are widely available and easy to find. How to Start a Crystal Collection | Clear Quartz: This is the first type of crystal that I purchased, and the one that I have the most of in my collection. Clear Quartz represents clarity. It can be “programmed” with your intentions, meaning you can ask it to help you with a specific area in your life that you need support with. Clear quartz likes to be charged in the sun. This mineral does absorb energy, so needs to be cleansed from time to time (more about this later). Clear quartz also amplifies the energy of other crystals. It is a must-have for any crystal collection.

How to Start a Crystal Collection | Joi-Knows-How.comHow to Start a Crystal Collection |

Clear Quartz

Rose Quartz: The stone of universal love, Rose Quartz enhances the presence of love in your life. It can help with attracting love as well as amplifying the love that is already present. Rose Quartz also helps with opening your heart chakra and promotes self-love. Rose Quartz fades if left in direct sunlight.

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

Rose Quartz

Smokey Quartz: Smoky Quartz absorbs negative energy and transmutes it into a more positive frequency. It’s a good stone to keep around you when you’re feeling angry, or when you have been around a lot of negative energy. Because Smoky Quartz transmutes energy, it is very important to both charge and cleanse this stone from time to time. (More about this later.)

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

Smoky Quartz

Amethyst: The stone of spirituality, Amethyst promotes peace and serenity while heightening spiritual awareness. It’s a great stone to use for stress-relief. Meditate with amethyst or sleep with it under your pillow to for peaceful sleep and dreams. Do not place Amethyst in direct sunlight or the color will fade.

How to Start a Crystal Collection |


Citrine: The stone of abundance, Citrine promotes an increase in the areas of your life where you need it most. Carry a small Citrine stone in your wallet to promote financial abundance. If you have a product or business, use Citrine to help you attract more customers/clients. Citrine does not absorb energy, therefore it does not need to cleansed or charged.

How to Start a Crystal Collection |


5. Types of Crystals

You can fill your crystal collection with many different types of crystals. It’s helpful to know what the different forms are called when you’re out browsing. Here a list that you can refer back to as needed:

Tumbled/Pocket Stones: As mentioned earlier, pocket stones are crystals that have been tumbled in metal bowls until they are smooth to the touch. They are the most inexpensive type of crystal you can find. Because they are usually small, tumbled stones are ideal for carrying around with you and are great for holding in your hands during meditation. I like to keep all my pocket stones together so that I can easily choose one to carry with me for the day.

How to Start a Crystal Collection

Raw Stones: Raw crystals are stones that are still in their “raw” form. They have more texture, and some would argue, more character than smooth stones. I enjoy having a few of these because they add an organic element to my collection.

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

Clusters: Crystal clusters are pieces that have several points connected to one crystal. They are particularly stunning because of the way each point reflects light, creating a sparkling effect.

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

Geodes: Geodes are rocks that have been sliced in half to reveal the beautiful small crystal clusters, called “druzy” inside. Below is a photo of the inside of a small Titanium Quartz geode, the druzy inside is stunning!

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

Points: Crystals are often carved into beautifully intricate points with several sides. Some points are flat on the bottom so that they can stand. Others are double-terminated, meaning that they have points on both sides. Crystal points are great for directing energy. The energy flows from the pointed tip fo the crystal so you can direct towards objects, or yourself, to feel the essence of the stone. Double terminated points are said to flow energy both inwards and outwards, amplifying the frequency of the stone. These are my favorite types of crystals to meditate with.

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

Spheres: We have all heard of magical crystal balls. Well, they exist! Crystal spheres are very powerful generators of energy because they radiate from all sides. This Labradorite sphere is one of my favorite pieces in my collection. So magical (insert heart-eyes emoji).

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

Jewelry: There are a wide variety of crystals available in the form of jewelry. Wearing crystal jewelry is a super easy way to integrate the magic of crystals into your life. Target even sells some crystal pieces now! My crystal jewelry collection is quite large, as you can see below.

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

6. Caring for Your Crystals

When you start your crystal collection, you should commit to caring for them. The better you care for them, the better they will care for you! Here are a few ways you can nurture your crystal collection.

Charging & Cleansing

Crystals need to be charged in order to work their best. It’s not kind to use crystals without giving them a chance to re-balance. Keep reading for several charging options.

How to Start a Crystal CollectionHow to Start a Crystal Collection |

Most gems and minerals, especially Clear Quartz, will enjoy spending an afternoon in sunlight. The rays of the sun will charge your crystals right up. (Keep in mind that certain stones, like Amethyst, will fade in color if they spend too much time in direct sun.) You can either set your crystals on a tray outside or place them in your garden. If you’re not comfortable leaving your gems outside, placing them in a sunny window is just fine.

Each month, mark your calendar for the next full moon. A full moon is a great opportunity to charge your crystal collection. All crystals enjoy bathing in the radiant light of a full moon. As with sun-charging, place your crystals outside or in a window during the full moon. Leave them there all night long. Your crystals will be so happy afterward!

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

Now that we covered how to charge your crystals, let’s move on to how to cleanse them. Would you feel good if you went weeks without a bath? Neither do your crystals. Give them a nice bath by using one of the following cleansing methods:

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

Sage: Sage leaves are used for cleansing of all kinds. You may already know that you can use sage to cleanse your home and help balance your own energy. Smudging (letting the sage smoke burn intentionally) your crystals is a very common way to cleanse them. However, the aroma of sage is very strong and many people are allergic; if it seems too intense, don’t worry! There are other ways you can cleanse your crystals.

Palo Santo: Wood from the Palo Santo tree is said to be sacred and is sold as incense in a stick-like form. The smell is very pleasant and refreshing. This is a perfect option if you are sensitive to the strong aroma of sage.

Incense: Just as the two options above, your crystals will enjoy being surrounded by the smoke of incense. Choose a scent that is pleasing to you so that you can enjoy the process as well.

Brown Rice: Crystals can be placed in a bowl of brown rice for 24 hours to cleanse and ground, allowing them to return to their natural balanced state. I do this for my crystals if they have absorbed a lot of energy from being carried around. Also, if I have been using crystals a lot for photo shoots *ahem* or meditating with them daily, I make sure to give them a break in a bowl of brown rice to recharge.

A Charging Crystal: If you invest in a large crystal cluster, you can place smaller crystals on top of them to charge. Amethyst and Quartz are great options. You can also charge your crystal jewelry this way.

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

Another way to care for your crystals is simply to spend time with them! Don’t let your crystals sit around collecting dust. Communicate with them in whatever way feels comfortable for you. At the very least, make sure you hold your crystals every once in a while and thank them for their beauty and pure positive energy.

7. Where Can I Get Crystals?

So, now you know the basics about these lovely gems and minerals. Let’s talk about where you can purchase them to get your collection started!

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

Spellbound Sky in Los Angeles

If you’re in the L.A. area, check out these crystal shops. They all carry a wide variety of crystals and the staff is very knowledgeable and happy to help you find the perfect crystal to take home. NOTE: I am going to do a companion piece soon that will go more in depth about these crystal stores. For now, here are the links to their websites:

The Native Spirit Lodge (San Fernando Valley) /

Spellbound Sky (Silverlake) /

Alegria Bazaar (Larchmont Village) / @paulacarlotto

If you’re not in L.A., a quick Yelp search for “metaphysical store,” will lead you to a shop near you that carries crystals.

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

Spellbound Sky in Los Angeles

You can also check to see if there are any gem and mineral trade shows in your city. In Los Angeles, there are several that come every year and have hundreds of unique crystals for sale. A quick Google search should do the trick.

As with anything else, you can buy crystals online. Amazon has no shortage of crystals (I’ll link to some at the end of this post). You can even buy crystals via Instagram! Check out @lightsourcecrystals  to see what I mean.

8. In Conclusion…

I hope that after reading this post you have the information you need to start your crystal collection. To see more about how I use crystals in the day-to-day, follow me on Instagram.

How to Start a Crystal Collection

Instagram post of my meditation crystals

I am extremely honored to be able to share this knowledge with you. I want to remind you that this post contains affiliate links, and any purchase you make by clicking the links at the bottom of this page will help me to keep up and running.

Thank you for taking the time to read. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment and I will assist you as best I can.

Now, go forth and start your crystal collection! Have fun. 😉

How to Start a Crystal Collection |

All photography for this blog post was done by me, all of the crystals pictured are from my personal collection. All rights reserved to



How to Start a Crystal Collection |


Click the images to purchase items through Amazon.


Thanks for reading!

Until next time…


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    Such stunning photos! These babies sure pop against a white background! I’ve been seeing crystals pop up more and more and it’s something I have wanted to look into. I had no idea that you needed to charge or cleanse crystals. Such a helpful and informative post – thank you for sharing this knowledge.

    • D'Ana Joi says:

      Thank you! I’m very attached to my collection, so photographing them felt very special to me. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read and I’m glad you learned something new! Xo

  2. Michelle says:

    This is so super interesting. I’ve been hearing more and more about crystals and their benefits and have been wanting to look more into it. Thank you for this super in-depth post.


    • D'Ana Joi says:

      If you’re hearing more about them maybe it’s time to start your collection! They have a way of “finding” you sometimes. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  3. Mike Young says:

    Very informative, a lot of work went into this obviously. Fantastic photography to illustrate it.

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    • D'Ana Joi says:

      Hi Kristin! Thanks so much for reading. Let me know if you end up buying a crystal! They are so special and add a little magic to your life, which we can all use! Xoxo

      • Kristin says:

        Over here in Mexico they sell some on the side of the road but i don’t know if they are good or not? I may have to go to one of those shops he next time we are in Los Angeles but I will def let you know.

  6. Poeksel says:

    What lovely things these are. I suppose I used to collect them as a teenager but moved on when my kids came along. (Choking hazards, you know. LOL) But I have always found them beautiful and still have a few of my favorites (somewhere). Maybe I will take it up again, thanks for sharing.

    • D'Ana Joi says:

      One idea is to get some geodes or large clusters. As I mentioned, these are larger pieces that look great up on a shelf… a tall shelf…that your kids can’t reach. 😉

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    • D'Ana Joi says:

      Aw, yes. Many people collect crystals as children! One boy that I used to babysit became very interested in crystals because he would see me wearing them on my jewelry. Now he has a pretty large collection himself!

  9. SoDazzling says:

    Thank you so much for going in depth while getting straight to the point. I definitely want to begin a crystal collection but have always been confused about where to start so this post was extremely helpful!

    • D'Ana Joi says:

      I’m so glad you found this post helpful! I wanted to be sure to be informative while still keeping the information simple and easy to understand. Have fun starting your collection! Xo

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      Hi Leah. Thanks so much! I’m glad you still found this post informative even though you already use crystals during meditation. And thank you re:Instagram! Xo

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    You have such beautiful crystals! My favourite is the Labradorite sphere, it almost looks like a tiny globe! When I was younger I remember having a wooden box full of pocket stones and several crystal bracelets. I miss them now!

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      Hey Bina,

      That was my goal for sure! To educate and show how beautiful crystals are through these photos. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading and have fun starting your collection! Xo

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  22. tachira says:

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    • D'Ana Joi says:

      Thanks so much! It’s interesting how many people have commented that they collected crystals as children. I wonder why we lose interest as adult? It’s fun to re-discover their magic. 🙂

  24. lucicoo says:

    I love crystals. They have so many benefits for you. I wish I had a crystal shop close by me.

    • D'Ana Joi says:

      Yes they are super beneficial. I know not everyone can go into a crystal shop, that’s why I included a few resources for shopping online just in case. 🙂

  25. Amanda says:

    This is by far the best article I’ve ever read concerning crystals. Every question I found myself asking you answered a few paragraphs later! I am just starting to get into crystals and am worried that the doubts in my head can accidentally go into them – does that make sense? Do you have any tips for getting yourself into the right mindset before using them?

    • D'Ana Joi says:

      Hi Amanda! I’m so thrilled that you found this article useful.

      I didn’t go into detail about what you do after you bring your crystals home, but that is a fantastic question. When you are beginning your work with a crystal, cleanse it with sage or incense or Palo Santo. Then hold it in your hand close to your heart. Repeat the affirmation: “I intend to use the crystal for LOVE AND LIGHT AND THE GOOD OF ALL.”

      If you are having many worrysom thoughts, consider getting some Smokey Quartz! They absorb negative energy and transmute it to help you start seeing the positive aspect of a situation.

      Generally, as long as you cleanse your crystals from time to time (twice a month or so) they will not hold on to any negative energy.

      I hope this helps! Xoxo

  26. Jasmine - The Crowning Glory 👑 says:

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      Hey Jasmine,

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      Yesss I love crystal jewelry so much too! Actually thinking about making some of my own. 🙂 Thanks for reading. xo

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    • D'Ana Joi says:

      Aw aweosome! Thanks so much, Sharon. And yes those are the perfect starters! I’m doing a crystal giveaway soon if you want you can follow me on IG so you can join in. I haven’t announced it yet!

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      I’m so glad you found this post helpful. You chose the perfect crystals to start with! Thanks for reading. XO

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    Are there “fake” crystals? I thought about purchasing from Amazon or Etsy but didn’t know about authenticity.

    • D'Ana Joi says:

      That’s a great question. There are some manmade minerals…but I don’t think fake crystals are a thing. All of the amazon links at the end of these post are authentic crystals. 🙂

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    i bought malachite with tiger’s eye, and red agate bracelets, 4 pendants: amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, aventurine and i just received my pracel containing my 7 chakra stones which i won in a competition in IG.

    the stones are lodolite, banded amethyst, blue lace agate, green moss agate, tiger’s eye carnelian and jasper.

    please inspire me more 🙂


    B from Philippines

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