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 Fall in Love with Focus

Imagine breaking free from the myth that multi-passionates are "all over the place."

Imagine creating a relationship with Focus that's nourishing and supportive.

Imagine feeling confident about your ability to align your priorities and finish what you start, without burning out.

Imagine no longer feeling overwhelmed by your ideas because you know how to create seasons of focus to support you. 

Imagine finally launching that product or service that's going to impact the lives of those who need it most.

Imagine looking back at your work and thinking "damn, I did that!"

Create a crush-worthy relationship with Focus so that you can maximize your impact

What you'll learn in this workshop

✔️ How to apply my 3 part focus framework so that you can create a relationship with Focus that's unique to your needs

✔️ How to create a 90-Day season of Focus so that you can follow through and finish what you start

✔️ How to design your months, weeks and days for maximum focus (whether you're a planner, like to go with the flow, or are somewhere in between)

✔️ My magic formula for using focus to keep burnout at bay

I'm a multi-passionate content creator, educator, and community builder who believes having many passions is a gift, not a burden. My mission is rewrite the narrative that "choosing one thing" is the only path to success and guide you along the path to Multi-Passionate Mastery.

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