How I Wrote my First E-book in One Week

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How I Wrote my First E-book in One Week

D'Ana Joi, who goes by her middle name “Joi,” is a multi-passionate, educator, community builder, and content creator. She believes having many passions is a gift, not a burden and she’s on a mission to rewrite the narrative around “choosing one thing” being the only path to success. Through her e-book, courses, and upcoming podcast, Joi teaches creatives how to make friends with focus, overcome overwhelm, and step into their Multi-Passionate Mastery. 

Meet the Author

Three weeks after quitting my 9-5 to go all-in on my business I took a dream project off of the back burner and moved it to the top of my list: Writing my first ebook.

Not only did I write an ebook that gives multi-passionates a foundational understanding of how to take their relationship with Focus to the next level, but I wrote (and designed it) in just one week.

You might be thinking “big deal, I could write an ebook in a day,” in which case, perhaps this blog post won’t be helpful for you.

But if you’re thinking “Hmm, I wonder what I could accomplish in one week with the power of Focus behind me…” then read on, because I’m going to share the 5 steps I took I that helped me bring this dream project to life.


How I wrote my first e-book in one week, multi-passionate, focus, joi knows how, D'Ana Joi


The 5 Steps I took to Write my E-book in One Week


1. I made an emotional investment first


In order for me to focus my energy on completing a specific project, I need to be emotionally invested in it from the gate.

Before I wrote the first word, I could feel that this ebook would be the perfect way for creatives to learn my 3-part Focus framework and feel liberated by their relationship with Focus.

I was emotionally invested in creating a resource I knew could be impactful for the multi-passionate community which became the driving force for staying focused and getting it done.

Tip: Before mapping out the details of your project, make an emotional investment. Why does it matter to you in the first place?

2. I crafted a schedule for maximum focus


From observing my energy cycles, I know that my most high-functioning hours are between 10am-2pm. Because the ebook was my priority, I set aside as much time between those hours to work on my e-book as possible.

I also made sure not to schedule any networking calls or meetings so that I could use that time to write and design the e-book.

Tip: Observe your energy cycles to create a maximum focus schedule and create your “productivity hours.” Keep your calendar blocked off during that time so you can focus!

3. I repurposed content


I looked through old blog posts and presentations and made note of what I wanted to adapt to the ebook.

Blog posts are quick lists without too much detail, and presentations rely on what I say in the moment. The ebook gave me a chance to tell stories, give examples, and write in a more long-form style. Plus, for the first time, all of the information was in one place.

Tip: If you’re working on a project and you know you have content that you can repurpose, go for it! Different methods of delivery will ensure that your content still feels fresh.


4. I practiced what I preached


My ebook teaches about my 3-part focus framework that will help you prioritize with ease and finish what you start. As I was writing the book, I followed that framework.

  • Scheduling Intensive Focus time allowed me to align my priorities around completing the ebook.
  • Active Focus helped me sit my butt in the chair and write.
  • Integrating Passive Focus throughout the process gave me a break from screen time and ensured that I didn’t exhaust myself.

Following this process made me even more excited to share this framework with you!

Tip: Grab your copy of Finally Focused to learn about my 3-part focus framework.


5.  I had a conversation with my inner perfectionist


Finally, I sat my inner perfectionist down for a heart-to-heart. I let her know that this ebook is going to help multi-passionates from all walks of life start to heal their relationship with Focus. Next, I told her that getting this e-book out was the most important aspect of the project and that while I know she wants it to be as perfect as possible, we can always go back and update it later.

“Help me make it beautiful,” I said. “But don’t stop me from sharing it with the world.”

She understood, and then we began.

Tip: Have a conversation with your inner perfectionist. Let them know when you need their help, and when you don’t.

And that’s how I did it. That’s how I wrote my very first ebook in only one week!

Grab your copy of the Finally Focused e-book  to learn how you can implement the 3-part Focus Framework for a dream project of your own.


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