Behind the Scenes of my Digital Shop Launch

Behind the Scenes of my Digital Shop Launch

Wondering why I started this blog? As a multi-passionate creative, I used to be plagued by the idea that success meant choosing one thing and sticking with it. The problem was choosing just “one thing” left me unable to show up in the world as my most authentic, full self. One day I woke up and decided to finally embrace and share all of my gifts. My next thought: I should start a blog as a space for my passions to play. I never looked back after that moment. 

psst. over here.

How I launched my Digital Shop in under 30 days | Multi-Passionate Creative | Joi Knows How

Launching a digital shop felt like the perfect next step in my business. I knew I wanted to create products that I didn’t have to physically ship myself while providing resources to support multi-passionates. From the outside looking in, it might seem like launching a digital shop is a lot of work, but truthfully, it’s easier than you think!

Let’s take a behind the scenes look of how I created and launched the Joi Knows How Shop, and learn my tips for launching a digital shop of your own!

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Why a Digital Shop?

Why though?

The first step in creating my online storefront was getting clear on why I wanted to add a shop to my business in the first place.

As a multi-passionate, I also made sure that I could highlight more than one of my creative outlets with this project. Oh, and that I wasn’t mindlessly falling victim to shiny object syndrome.

My why became clear when I realized that there was content missing from the community I strive to nurture most, multi-passionate creatives.

Where was the daily planner for creatives who have days that look different from one to the next?

Where were the T-shirts that multi-passionates could wear to feel empowered and proud to be the way they are?

Much like my Facebook community, when I go searching for something and can’t find it, I create it myself. The same applied to my digital shop.

Once I got clear on my why, I was ready to move on to the next crucial step.


Focus, baby!

To be sure that I followed through on bringing my shop into the world, I created a 90-day focus plan.

Truthfully, it took me under 30 days to launch the shop. The months before were spent brainstorming ideas, gathering inspo and researching. During my 90-day focus period, I took a month-long detox from Instagram.

Best. Idea. Ever.

Taking social media engagement off of my plate enhanced my focus and accelerated the progress I was able to make on launching my shop. Highly recommended.

Then, I dedicated myself to doing at least one small thing each day that brought me closer to opening my (virtual) shop doors. It worked like a charm. The key was not pressuring myself to do more than one thing each day, and using my 90-Day Focus Planner to keep me on track.


Creating Digital Products

Why, check!

Focus, check!

Now for the fun part, creating products that I could sell digitally. Naturally, I was eager to make “all the things.” Then, I heard a still small voice whisper:

Easy there, tiger.

I took a step back and asked myself if there was anything I had already created that could go in my shop. You see, we multi-passionates love to create new content and often forget about the beauty of repurposing.

I remembered that back when I had an Etsy shop (RIP), I sold original photography that I printed and shipped out as art prints. For the Joi Knows How Shop, I turned those same photography prints into digital downloads, created mock-ups to show what they look like when printed, and boom.

Shop my original art prints!

By repurposing my crystal and botanical photography, the art print section of my shop was full of products with minimal effort. The best part? For under $10, you can download my original photography and print it out small enough for business cards, or large enough for a poster (and I don’t have to mail a thing).

What have you already created that you could sell digitally?


More Digital Products

Sometimes more is more.

For my next digital product, I wanted to offer a daily planner, and 90-Day Focus Planner to help multi-passionate creatives take back control of their (often overwhelming) schedules and projects.

Again, I started with why.

I created my daily planner for myself. When I began freelancing, it was frustrating not having a structure to my schedule. I went searching for something that could help.

How I used Canva to Create Products for my Digital Shop

I wanted to time block (map out my day hour-by-hour) but the planners I found online were basic. I’ll only use a planner if it’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. So, I designed the planner I’d always wanted, along with a daily reflection page, as one of my premier products.

Shop my daily planner here!

My 90-Day Focus Planner was created because I’ve experienced first hand the power of creating 90-day goals, and wanted a (beautiful) planner that could easily guide the process.

Behind the Scenes of My Digital Shop Launch

I created this planner to be part monthly, daily, and weekly calendars and part workbook. Not only does it help you stay accountable for doing one thing a day to move you closer to your goals, but it offers inspiration and check-ins to remind you why you started in the first place.

Shop my 90-Day Focus Planner!

I created both planners using Canva. I have the pro version, which allows me up upload my own fonts, but you can do a ton of design work with the free version as well.

Note: To create any digital content that you want to be printable, make sure you use a template that’s A4 paper size.

Canva has templates built into its platform, but my favorite place to shop templates is Creative Market. There you can find templates for digital workbooks, planners and more that are 100% compatible with Canva. Boom.

Venessa Ryan Co. has some of my favorite templates for workbooks and planners available via Creative Market. Check them out here.

Note: If you intend to sell a design that you create using a purchased template, make sure that you purchase the correct license to do so.


Multi-passionate Apparel

The next section of my digital shop that I needed products for was apparel.

I LOVE being a multi-passionate creative and believe it’s a badge of honor. I had a vision of hats, t-shirts, and tank tops, in celebration of all of us creative-misfits!

One of my non-negotiables for starting a shop was that I never wanted to have to physically go to the post office. The Joi Knows How Shop was created to generate passive revenue, meaning I can literally make money while I sleep.

Keeping that in mind, I designed my apparel items using Printful, a drop-shipping company that offers creators the opportunity to customize their own apparel and accessories.

Ya’ll, I am in love with Printful. You can check them out here.

With Printful, the steps to design my own clothing was seamless (see what I did there? lol). First I reached out to my graphic designer, and bestie, Jenell of Neon Gumbo Studio and let her know the graphic I wanted to use for my apparel.

She emailed me back with the proper file type that could be used in on fabric, a high-quality PNG file.

Then, I created a Printful account, looked through the products they offered (Oh heyyyy, vintage dad hat!), and uploaded my graphic to be applied to the items.

Printful generates mock-ups so it was easy for me to see what my products would look like when finished, and I was also able to order samples with ease.

How I created my own apparel line with Printful!

Just like that, Joi Knows How apparel was born.

Shop my apparel here!


Website Integration

After I figured out why I wanted to launch a digital shop, dedicated myself to a season of focus, and created products, I needed to figure out how to host my shop.

I knew that Shopify made it easy to create a stand-alone shop, but I adore my website (you’ve seen it right?!), so I wanted to find an option that could integrate into my current design.

That’s when I discovered Shopify Lite and the heavens opened up. For only $9.00 a month, you can sign up for Shopify Lite which will give you the option to add products with “buy buttons” directly onto your site, by simply copy/pasting the HTML code for each product or collection into your design.

It honestly could not be easier.

Opting for this version of Shopify allowed me to add customized design elements rather than having to choose a pre-styled template. That’s why you’ll see my brand aesthetic show up so strongly on my shop page.

Take a look to see what I mean!

If you DON’T already have your own website, or if you only have a single page blog, then opting for the full version of Shopify is a great choice. It’s $29/month and you can set up an entire shop using their ready-made templates.

A behind the scenes look at launching my digital shop!


My Super Simple Launch Plan

Ah, the launch.

Once we complete a project and are ready to share it with the world, it’s time to launch! Exciting, right?

Well, if we overthink the launch-phase, it can become overwhelming and hold us back from what’s most important- getting the thing out into the world!

So, I came up with a super simple launch plan which included these 7 steps:

  1. Choose a launch date
  2. Create a handful of promotional graphics (again, via Canva)
  3. Had a “soft launch” for my FB community and email list. (This gave me the opportunity to practice talking about my shop a week before and work out any kinks.)
  4. Used the countdown timer on Instagram in my stories the week leading up to my shop launch along with the graphics I created.
  5. Reached out to a handful of friends, asked them if they would mind sharing about my launch, and sent them graphics I made so they could easily share.
  6. Created a 10% off discount code for the opening weekend of the shop.
  7. Launched that baby!!!

That’s it. You could do one step each day, which would be a simple one-week launch prep plan.

I told you, It’s easier than you think!

Tips for Creating Your Digital Shop

Let’s recap, shall we? Here’s how you can take this peek behind the scenes and apply it to your own digital shop creation:

  • Start with your WHY
  • Make a 90-day focus goal
  • Think of content you’ve already created that you can sell digitally
  • Visit Creative Market to browse templates for digital products
  • Try Printful for creating your own apparel
  • Use Shopify (or Shopify Lite) to host your digital shop
  • Follow my steps for a super simple launch


Behind the scenes of my digital shop launch!

Thanks for coming with me behind the scenes of the Joi Knows How Shop! Don’t forget to head over and take a look around so that you can see the end result.

OH, and here’s a special gift for you since you made it to the end of this post.

Click here for 20% off of your first purchase from the Joi Knows How Shop!



A behind the scenes look at launching my digital shop using Shopify and Printful!

Thank you for reading!

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