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8 Binge-Worthy Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

October 14, 2019

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Hi, I’m Joi and I’m a podcast addict. Living in Los Angeles means I spend a ton of time in my car and while I love a good carpool karaoke as much as the next gal, nine times out of ten, I’m rocking out to a podcast.

There’s a wealth of podcasts for creative entrepreneurs out there but with so many available, decision fatigue can set in.

Not to worry, I got you! Read on to find out my top 8 binge-worthy podcasts for creative entrepreneurs (in no particular order). Get your earbuds ready and let’s dive in!


Females on Fire

Females On Fire Podcast | My Top 7 Podcast Recommendations for Creative Entrepreneurs

I found out about Females on Fire Podcast when my now good friend, Hayley Luckadoo, asked me to come on as a guest to share about my experience of fully embracing my multi-passionate journey. 

Our podcast interview is one of my favorites to date, but that’s not the only reason I’m recommending the Females on Fire podcast. Hayley is a phenomenal host (her accent is the best) and she guides each interview with the exact questions her listeners would have.

Tune in to explore topics like, how knowing your enneagram can help you build your business, how to self publish an e-book, and how to successfully navigate a career pivot. I know this will quickly become one of your favorite podcasts to serve your creative business journey. Oh, did I mention that Hayley is a multi-passionate creative? So yeah, there’s that.

You can check out my interview on Females on Fire here, then have fun binging other episodes. Thank me later!


She’s a Creative

Now, I’m a little biased here because this podcast is hosted by my biz bestie, Kay Hillman. Kay and I connected on Instagram and it was love at first heart eyes emoji.

What I appreciate about the She’s a Creative Podcast is how generous Kay is with sharing the lessons she’s learned along her creative business journey.

From how to barter services the right way, to how to be the “Olivia Pope” of your Industry, Kay is here to guide us with just enough tough love to make a lasting impact. She also interviews industry experts who offer strategies you can implement right away. 

Tune into She’s a Creative on iTunes, or wherever you listen to podcasts and look out for our interview coming soon!


Being Boss

Listening to the Being Boss Podcast is like sitting in a coffee shop with two of your closest friends, sharing about the highs and lows of life as a creative entrepreneur.

Hosted by biz besties Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson, The Being Boss Podcast illuminates all angles of what it means to step into a “boss” mentality and take ownership of the energy we put into our lives and our businesses. 

What I love most about the Being Boss podcast is the transparency that both of these creative entrepreneurs share in every episode. With topics like the best crystals for creativity and how to set intentions that stick, to interviews with esteemed guests, every episode leaves you picking up gems that were dropped along the way.

Psst! Emily and Kathleen, if you’re reading this, I would love to be a guest on your show to chat about all things multi-passionate creativity! (We have to put out into the universe what we want, right?) Hit me up! Let’s make it happen.

Tune into the Being Boss podcast on your favorite streaming service.


We’re All Creative

op podcasts for creative entreprepreneur podcasts, mulit-passionate creative, creative bloggers, creative business, joi knows how

Next, we have the We’re All Creative podcast with Roxanne McClaren. This is another show I learned about when I was asked to be a guest, and now it’s one of my faves. Our interview is one of many that you’ll find on this show where female creatives across various industries are celebrated.

Roxanne, who’s in the midst of building her own creative business is always asking her guests questions that leave listeners with the tools they need to stay the course.

Tune into our interview here and check out other episodes of We’re All Creative anywhere you listen to podcasts. You’re gonna love it!

Ps. Roxanne also wrote a guest post here on the blog! Check out her post about 8 Things to Consider When Launching a Creative Business here.

Sip and Social with Kate

If the Being Boss podcast is like sitting at a coffee shop, The Sip and Social with Kate is like being in a bohemian styled lounge sipping a glass of wine with your dreamy bestie. What I love most about Kate as a host is that her episodes are completely unscripted. Each conversation has an undeniably refreshing organic vibe.

When Kate, who has become one of my fave Instagram turned irl friends, asked me to be a guest on her show it was like we were casually chatting on the phone.

We let the conversation flow and ended up having a profound chat about manifestation and the transformative power of gratitude! 

Tune into our interview here and browse other episodes to learn about the inner and outer work it takes to stay present as a creative business owner.


Side Hustle Pro


side hustle pro podcast, creative entrepreneur, multi passionate creative

Another show to add to your list of binge-worthy podcasts for creative entrepreneurs is Side Hustle Pro is a podcast for those of us holding down a 9-5 while building our businesses on the side. Nicalila Matthew Okome shares her personal side hustle journey, as well as interview women of color who have traveled along the path of side hustler to full-time entrepreneur.

Not only does the Side Hustle Pro Podcast give much-needed visibility to Black business owners, but it’s also an invaluable resource for navigating the terrain of working towards being your own boss, while still having one!

Check it out on Spotify here, or visit sidehustlepro.co.


Creativity School

First of all, how great is this podcast title?! Each episode of Creativity School with Grace Chon centers around a lesson creative entrepreneurs can relate to, draw inspiration from, and apply to their lives and creative ventures.

Grace is a fellow multi-passionate creative who knows the dedication it takes to keep showing up and building creative businesses that allow us to leave an impact and express our many talents.

I’m thrilled to have been a guest on Creativity School where Grace and I talked about the highs and low of being multi-passionate, and how to know when it’s time to change lanes (without the guilt). Tune in to hear our insightful conversation here.

You’ll find other lessons with topics ranging from money mindset to turning a hobby into a dream career and overcoming adversity. Every thoughtful interview will leave you feeling closer to Grace (she’s such a kind person!) and with more of the tools you need to finally get out there and start that thing you’ve been putting off.

You can start binging The Creativity School Podcast right here.


School of Ambition Podcast

school of ambition podcast, creative entrepreneur, multi passionate creative

Last, but without a doubt not least, we have the School of Ambition Podcast with Dielle Charon. Dielle is a business coach who’s mastered the art of working towards her dreams while working a 9 to 5. She offers easy to follow processes so listeners feel confident in their own side hustle success.

With numerous coaching clients under her belt, Dielle knows what it takes to build a profitable side-hustle, and she’s spilling all the tea.

Fun fact! School of Ambition was my first podcast interview ever and the only show I’ve been a guest on twice. Tune into my interview with Dielle about being a multi-passionate in the online business space. Then, check out our chat about finding focus as a multi-passionate creative before binging the rest of her insightful episodes.

Those are my top 8 binge-worthy podcasts for creative entrepreneurs. Did you discover a new podcast that you hadn’t heard of before? Did your favorite make the list? Have more suggestions? Leave a comment and let me know!




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