The Joi Knows How Collective is an online community for multi-passionate creatives seeking impactful education, engaging resources, and genuine connections so that they can embrace their talents as a gift, not a burden.


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- Alexandria Rollet

Being apart of this amazing group has allowed me to take stock of all my talents and be more appreciative of showcasing all I can do. Being a multi-creative it has been amazing to be with other like-minded people who truly want the best for you. Joi, we appreciate you. 💜


- Deahna Joi Moore

This community has been, hands-down, the most supportive community I've ever been a part of. There is so much love, spirit, and creativity here. Everyone is heard and valued here. 


- Natasha Samuel

Joi is truly a gem in the online space! She's the friend, mentor, and encourager that you need along your multi-passionate journey. From being virtual friends on Instagram and inside her Facebook group, I've seen the energy she dedicates to her community.



I highly recommend Joi for your copywriting needs. I gave her an idea of what I wanted and she took it and ran with it. My brand message is so clear that I asked myself if she knew me before working together. As soon as my site launched I received multiple wedding photography bookings. I really feel like my clients get a taste of who I am in a way that still serves them! I look forward to working with her for more copy throughout my business.


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Thank you

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💡 Learn a holistic approach to focus so that you can follow through on your projects and share your gifts with the world- without feeling overwhelmed.

🤝 Connect with a community of multi-passionates who get you.

🗓 Attend live events and workshops.

🖥 Gain access to our growing content library.

📵 Ditch the noise of social media and enjoy distraction-free educational content, genuine connections, support, and accountability.

🔮 Receive ongoing mentorship from a dedicated multi-passionate creativity educator, D'Ana Joi. (That's me!)


You're not flaky, you're not wish-washy, and you're not all over the place. You have gifts to share and passions that represent the deeper values that you hold.

You don't have to "choose one thing" in order to be successful. You can embody the fullness of who you are while embracing seasons of focus. You can own your creativity, confidently, as a multi-passionate.

Here's the thing. Figuring out the multi-passionate path alone is hard AF. Whether you're an entrepreneur or in the side-hustle phase, the highs and lows can be a heavy load to bear. 

I know what it feels like to be misunderstood and left out of the conversation as a multi-passionate creative. 

I know what it's like to read article after article about niching down as far as humanly possible and feeling like success is not available for ultra-creative people like us. And I know that just like me, you're tired of hearing the same tired advice that "You have to choose one thing to be successful."

*Insert world's biggest eye roll*

Over the years I've shifted my thinking and developed practices that have helped hundreds of multi-passionates learn to embrace their talents as a gift, not a burden.

It turns out we can follow through and finish what we start. We can learn to focus in a way that feels empowering. And success is absolutely available to us.

But we've got to do this the multi-passionate way.  We don't follow blueprints, we create them.

That's what we're doing inside of the Joi Knows How Collective.

Hey! I'm Joi.

I'm a multi-passionate blogger, musician, content creator and educator. I teach multi-passionate creatives a holistic approach to focus so that they can embrace their talents as a gift, not a burden and build  thriving personal brands. 

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 Now Accepting New Members!

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