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Joi Knows How


Having many passions doesn’t have to be a burden

Becoming the coach I wish I  had

"I am obedient to my inspiration. I follow where it leads." -joi

It hit me like the sun peeking through the clouds on a gloomy day. I was cleaning my floors on typical Tuesday afternoon when I had an epiphany: Having a blog as a safe space for me to share my many passions was no longer enough. There was a deeper layer to my purpose. I wanted to show other multi-passionates how they too could overcome the shame that having many creative outlets can carry. So many of us feel stuck the moment we hear everyone shouting “choose your niche,” or “focus on one thing!” It’s time to change that.

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I have two programs:

Where we work together one to one to go deep into what’s holding you back and move you to a space of showing up and sharing consistently. I create a personalized database for you to access anytime with resources pertaining to your particular venture. You also gain access to my exclusive interviews with top-level experts and you’ll become a part of an intimate community with my other clients, enjoying many networking and connection opportunities. I only work with a handful of clients during each session to ensure giving each and every client the focused attention they deserve.

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Where I offer weekly check-ins to keep you focused on your goals and the daily tasks that it takes to complete them. You get an email every week to check in with me, as well as entry to an exclusive group for even more accountability and support from other creatives. Monthly group calls are reserved for the most active members.

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I work with clients to help them overcome the confusion of not knowing where to start, or how to start, or what to start with. I teach that being a multi-passionate creative is a gift, not a burden, and I offer tools and mindset shifts to get you out of your own way and start sharing your passions with the world.

“I just want you to know, that the work we have done in just owning and accepting my full creativity and who I want to be (when to me it seemed unrealistic) has opened up my dream and made it a tangible thing. Thank you!”

-Alexis J.


…Reflect on the amazing progress you’ve made with me so far. You have been the first person to guide and motivate me. You’re literally turning my dream into a reality.


-Anastasia S.

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Interested in working with me?

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