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My Top 7 Calming Spotify Playlists for Anxiety Relief During COVID-19

As we continue to seek peace in the midst of COVID-19 chaos, tuning into calming Spotify playlists can be a gentle source of support. Click through for my top 7 anxiety relieving playlists on Spotify!

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Why it’s okay NOT to be More Productive During COVID-19 (and other permission slips)

Some of us need space and time to process the global trauma we’re facing, without feeling like we’re failing if we’re not being more productive right now. I’m breaking my silence about the COVID-19 pandemic here on the blog with a series of posts to offer comfort, relief, and perhaps a few unpopular opinions. This first post in this series is part rant and part permission slips for you to adopt as your own.

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I vow to never give you blanket statement advice or pretend that being multi-passionate is a choice. I know you came here to share your gifts, and I'm not going to pump you up with empowerment content only to leave you with zero *actual* steps to take. I'm here to give you practical tools that will help you embrace your talents as a gift, not a burden.


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