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thanks for being here,
let's hang out for a while

thanks for being here,
let's hang out for a while

Wondering why I started this blog? As a multi-passionate creative, I used to be plagued by the idea that success meant choosing one thing and sticking with it. The problem was choosing just “one thing” left me unable to show up in the world as my most authentic, full self. One day I woke up and decided to finally embrace and share all of my gifts. My next thought: I should start a blog as a space for my passions to play. Needless to say, I never looked back. 

psst. over here.

A basket wall display is a great way to add warmth, texture, and bohemian vibes to your space, and it’s super easy to do. This post is a step by step guide for creating a DIY hanging basket wall.

The beginning of the month is when I take a moment to get quiet and set new goals. Sharing my goals here on my blog increases public accountability, and I hope to see an improvement in my follow through as a result. I can’t wait to share what my October goals with you.

Blogging is much more than creating good content and driving traffic to my site. Find out what one year of blogging has taught me, how it has shaped me and continues to show me new parts of myself.

Sharing my monthly goals with my blog readers keeps me accountable and increases the likelihood of me following through. Check out this post to see what I’m focusing on this month.

Water is life, and fruit infusions are the “ah-ha” moment your water has been waiting for. Learn my favorite fruit and herb water infusions that you can easily make at home.

I’ve decided to start a new series here on the blog where I will share my goals for each month. Since my blog is the place where I show up as my best, most intentional self, I hope that sharing my goals here with you will help me keep me to stay accountable and follow through.

In the plant community, people tend to be so warm and friendly. Connecting with a fellow plant-lover by sending a plant care package is a unique and fun way to make even stronger connections. You really ought to try it! This post shares everything you need to know about sending a plant care package.

When I started my blog last summer, I had no intention of selling products or opening my own online shop. I simply wanted a space to express my creativity and my share my thoughts. And yet, here I am, celebrating the grand opening of the Joi Knows How Etsy Shop.

We all need inner balance when life gets hectic. Using crystals is a great way to create a more balanced, centered, and grounded energetic state. This post shares everything you need to know about creating a grounding ritual using crystals.

Recently I graduated from “master procrastinator” to  “boss babe who handles her business with ease.” What changed?  I created a simple process that works for me, instead of trying to do what has worked for someone else.

Crystals are not only beautiful specimens of nature but can also be a great source of support in your everyday life. I created this post as a simple reference guide to help you get started with a crystal collection of your own.

December is upon us. It’s that time of year when we begin to reflect on the year nearing its end, and start making promises to ourselves about all the ways we will change in the year ahead. It’s the time for setting our New Year’s Resolutions…right?

The routine I’ve created for myself has truly enhanced my daily experience, making waking up early more and more pleasing. So, I thought I would share my process, in case you’re looking for a way to get the most out of your mornings.

In my previous post, The Only Houseplant You’ll Ever Need, I explained why I feel the Pothos plant is one of the most versatile plants for your home. If you still need convincing, check out that post here. One of the reasons I absolutely love the Pothos plant is the potential for creating beautiful aquatic […]

P.R.I.M.E is a recipe for better home cooking that I hope will give you the confidence you need to feel good in the kitchen.

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