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The Mindset Shift that Transformed my Relationship with Focus

When it comes to having a positive focus mindset, this is one thing I wish I knew sooner (it’s simple but it works)!

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6 Self-Care Tips for Newbie Entrepreneurs

Newbie Entrepreneur | Self-Care | Multi-Passionate   Being a newbie entrepreneur is both exciting and terrifying. You learn a TON about yourself in a short period of time, and will often marvel at your resilience, ability to take risks, and willingness to continue to show up for the business you’re starting. But let’s be real, […]

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Hey lovely

I'm Joi! Lover of crystals, houseplants, and creative people like you.

I vow to never give you blanket statement advice or pretend that being multi-passionate is a choice. I know you came here to share your gifts, and I'm not going to pump you up with empowerment content only to leave you with zero *actual* steps to take. I'm here to give you practical tools that will help you embrace your talents as a gift, not a burden.


There's more than one way to focus. Find out yours.

Find out what focus means to YOU by discovering your Creative Focus Style (and the gifts and challenges that come along with it).

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