D’Ana Joi is a 29-year-old Los Angeles native with those enviable, colorful, and energetic lifestyle skills we all wish could be bottled and sold. She’s known famously among friends for her wild, natural passion for endless creative endeavors that make life feel that much more sunny. Be it painfully adorable and quirky homemade greeting cards or original songs both composed and sung by D’Ana Joi herself. Or the vibrant, delicious, and healthy meals she creates from scratch. Even finding meditative peace (and cardio) through landing new, visually stunning tricks with a glowing hula-hoop! D’Ana Joi does it all with both stylish grace and contagious energy. Addictive personalities beware. This new outlet for her many creative musings, Joi-Knows-How, will have you hooked. Get to know her and you know how her middle name, Joi, is the foundation of her blog. Her smile is as transmittable as the love in her heart. The joy she carries within her is palpable. She’s the boost you didn’t know you needed.