I'm D'Ana (dee-on-uh) Joi. I go by my middle name because the internet can't handle apostrophes (I know, so silly) and Joi is a great way to describe my overall energy anyway.

I'm a multi-passionate creative educator, speaker, blogger, and content creator. (Also an avid lover of crystals, plants, playing the ukulele and hula hooping.) 

My mission is to rewrite the narrative that "choosing one thing" is the only path to success, and inspire fellow multi-passionates to embrace their talents as a gift, not a burden.

I spent most of my twenties feeling misunderstood and like success would never be available to me as a multi-passionate creative. The business world seemed to cater to specialist and every free webinar and coach I worked with told me the same thing: you have to choose one thing to be successful.

After trying to fit myself in a box that was never meant for me, I decided to choose myself and stop fighting my multi-passionate nature. Best choice ever.

In the years that followed my articles have been nationally published in Mantra Wellness Magazine. I've spoken on dozens of podcasts including Being Boss and Creativity School, and gave my first key note from the stage.

I've helped hundreds of multi-passionates embrace their talents as a gift not a burden, and step into their Multi-Passionate Mastery™️. Most importantly I have an adorable rescue pup from Thailand named Chai who is very proud of me.

When I'm not mentoring my group coaching clients or creating content, you can find me cuddled up on the couch with Chai, or singing my heart out with my ukulele.

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