I believe in unconditional love
I believe in inner stillness
I believe we all have gifts to give to this world
I believe in meditation
I believe life is a master class
I believe in setting intentions
I believe in the energy of crystals
I believe in loving myself a little more each day
I believe in moving within the sacred circle
I believe in poetry
I believe in music
I believe in heart songs
I believe we chose our families before we get here
I believe in best friends
I believe in smiling at “strangers”
I believe we are all one
I believe in snuggling
I believe in tender kisses
I believe in healing touch
I believe animals and nature are our teachers
I believe perspective is everything
I believe you are loved
I believe you are beautiful
I believe you are exactly where you are meant to be.

What do you believe?





  1. I believe in dreams
    I believe you can teach an old dog new tricks
    I believe in second chances
    I believe it’s never too late to be exactly who you want to be

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