The Space In Between

Sometimes great lessons appear in the space in between the major events in our lives. Take, for example, my current situation with moving from a one bedroom apartment into a home with my partner, Darius. While we are both so excited to be moving, there is still the parts that are not so exciting like packing (how do I have this much stuff?!), oh and then there’s the renovations at the new place. For the past month, we have been painting wall after wall, getting floors installed, removing tile from the kitchen, and so on.

I have noticed that I have an urge to skip ahead to the day when I get to be settled in at the new house and comfortable again. However, when I take some time to self-reflect, I know that the moments in between are when real life happens. Sure, it would be great to zoom ahead to the dream job, the more fit body, the new house fully decorated and cozy…but that would mean neglecting a huge part of my life experience, and denying myself many opportunities for growth. It’s the moments in between that teach us patience, and faith. It’s the space in between where we are, and where we are going, that the magic happens… new perspectives blossom and confidence grows. So, instead of constantly looking ahead to the end of the process, I’m making the choice to bask in the uncomfortable, the unknown, the space in between.




  1. D’Ana, I totally get it! Yes, the experience and process of how we accomplish our goals is just as important. Besides if everything was easy to get it might not be valued as much. Shortcuts are not always so!

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    1. Hey Mommy!

      Yes, I’m doing my best to enjoy the process of where I am heading instead of wanting a short cut. I agree with you that the process is just as important.

      Love you!


  2. I totally resonate with this. I often find myself trying to jump to the end. The future literally doesn’t exist, so I try and focus on the here and now because that is the most important! Great post!

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