12 Tips for Happy Houseplants

Follow these 12 tips and you'll have happy houseplants! Learn which plants to start with, what pots to use, how to water, and more!

12 Tips for Happy Houseplants

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Welcome to the mind of a bonafide “plant mom.”  I love and adore my houseplants as if they were they were my children! It’s so rewarding to nurture them and watch them grow. I care for my plant babies as best I can, and in return, they offer their beauty, purify the air in my home, and bring life to my space.  In my post “The Only Houseplant You’ll Ever Need,” I share a suggestion for one of my favorite, most versatile houseplants. Since then, my plant family has grown quite a bit, and so have my plant care strategies. As always, when something works well for me, I’m eager to share it with you. Keep reading to find out my 12 tips for happy houseplants!

Follow these 12 tips and you'll have happy houseplants! Learn which plants to start with, what pots to use, how to water, and more!

1. Be Realistic

This advice is very important especially to new plant-parents; be realistic. If you only have a small amount of space, don’t start with giant Fiddle Leaf Fig. If your room doesn’t get much light, choose a shade-loving plant, rather than one that requires a lot of sunshine. If you’re new to the plant game, look for easy to care for plants, such as Pothos to get you started. In short, be honest with yourself about the amount of space you have for your plants, the light levels of your home, and which plants you are comfortable caring for.

(Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase anything through them, there is no extra cost to you. I simply make a small commission from the sale which allows me to keep my blog up and running. Thank you for supporting

2. Do Your research

The first thing I do when I bring home a new plant is look up its specific needs. Each plant has it’s own requirements in terms of light levels and how often it should be watered, so it’s worth it to take note of exactly what you need to do keep your plants happy. A quick search on Google or Pinterest is all it takes.  (If you have pets, you may also need to check on whether or not the plant is toxic to animals and keep these plants in areas where your pets will not have access.)

Alternatively, you can get a plant-care book (or two) to reference anytime you bring a new plant home.

These books are a MUST HAVE for every plant parent's collection. Plus clickthrough for my full list of 12 tips for happy houseplants.


My favorite plant care book is Urban Jungle. It not only has detailed profiles for various houseplants but offers a wealth of inspiring images and creative ideas for how to display your plant-babies.

3. Know Your Pots

All pots are not created equal. While it’s easy to overlook the way the pots you choose will affect how you care for your plants, this is something to consider. Take for instance, the difference between clay pots and plastic or glazed pots.

12 Easy tips for keeping your houseplants happy and healthy!

Terracotta pots are a favorite among the plant-care community because they are made of porous clay and absorb moisture. These pots can help your plants stay healthy by pulling moisture away from the plant which can prevent root rot.

Note: “Root rot” occurs when plants have been overwatered to the point where their roots become water-logged and rot. This prevents the roots from being able to absorb any more water, ultimately killing the plant. 

Why You Should Plant in Terracotta Pots

Why You Should Plant in Terracotta Pots

I especially enjoy the way terracotta pots develop unique characteristics as they age. Terracotta is a great choice for any plant owner. However, if you decide to plant in these clay pots keep in mind that your plants will dry out more quickly and may need watering more often.

How to Know When to Water Your Houseplants

Glazed ceramic, plastic, and some decorative pots are not absorptive. So if you choose to plant in these kinds of pots you can water a little less often, making sure not to overwater. If you’re new to plant-care, always choose pots with drainage holes, which allow excess water to flow out of the pot. If you choose a decretive pot without drainage holes, compensate by placing a layer of pebbles in the bottom of the pot to create a space for excess water to flow without touching the plant’s roots. 

12 Tips for Happy Houseplants |

12 Tips for Happy Houseplants |

4. Learn how to Water Your Plants Properly

While we’re on the topic of water…knowing when to water your plants is essential to keeping them happy. Some plant parents stick to a weekly watering schedule for all of their plants, choosing one day per week to water. Creating a schedule is okay, but I suggest that you always check the moisture level before watering, always. No matter what day it is! You can stick your finger about an inch into the soil to check for moisture, but if you want to step your plant-care game up, invest in a moister meter.


Take the guesswork out of watering your houseplants with this handy tool! Plus click through to read my full list of tips for Happy Houseplants.

Why You Should Invest in a Moisture Meter for Your Houseplants |

This device is very inexpensive and is super accurate. It has stopped me from overwatering many of my houseplants. The long stem of the meter also makes a deep hole in the soil which can help water penetrate more easily.

Stop Overwatering Your Houseplants with this Simple Tip |

Stop Overwatering Your Houseplants! Why You Should Invest in a Moisture Meter |

To see more about how I use the moisture meter, check out my “Plant” highlights on my Instagram page.

5. Get a Humidifier

While we’re on the topic of moisture, let’s talk about adding a little humidity to the mix. Most plants, especially tropical varieties, prefer a humid environment. You’re replicating their natural habitat by adding moisture into the air (which makes your plants very happy). This is especially helpful during the dry, winter months. The best way to do this is to invest in a humidifier which will release a steady stream of moisture into the air for hours at a time (also great for allergies, respiratory health, hair, and skin!). Another option is to mist your plants with a spray bottle or place tropical plants in the bathroom since it is a naturally humid environment.

Step Up Your Plant Care Game By Getting a Humidifier |

6. Be Creative With Your Display

Put your personality into the way you pot and display your plants! The more creative you get with your planters and your styling, the more you will fall in love with having houseplants. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Plant a cactus in a teacup. Put an air plant in a teeny tiny pot. Look for fun vintage trinkets you can use as planters. Go wild. Be YOURSELF. There are no rules. Of course, I always like to mix crystals into my plant displays, they look great together!

12 Tips for Happy Houseplants |

Creative Ways to Display Air Plants |

12 Tips for Happy Houseplants |

12 Tips for Happy Houseplants |

7. Add air plants to your collection

Okay so this isn’t really a tip for happy plants, but you can boost your plant-care-confidence by adding air plants to your collection. And plant-care-confidence will make you better at plant care, which will make your plants happier (see what I did there?). Air Plants require very little attention and have a LOT of personality.

12 Tips for Happy Houseplants |

The best part, they don’t require soil to live! They do need to soak in room temperature water for about 30 mins, once a week. After you soak them, shake off any excess moisture and put them upside down on a paper towel in a sunny spot so that they can dry completely. Air plants also offer an opportunity to get super creative with your styling. Since they don’t require any soil, the possibilities are endless! Pictured below are a few of my air plants in a vintage sugar canister.


Creative Ways to Display Air Plants |

Creative Ways to Display Air Plants |

8. Try Out Water Propagation

Another way to boost your plant-care-confidence is to grow an entirely new plant from a clipping of an existing one. This process is called propagation and while there are a few ways to do this, water propagation is my absolute favorite.

Why You Should Try Water Propagation |

Watching cuttings take root in water is a magical experience and some plants can thrive in water alone! Once the roots of your cuttings are established, you can move them into a small pot with some soil, and grow an entirely new plant. It’s a beautifully easy process that every plant-parent should try at least once.

Why You Should Try Water Propagation |

Why You Should Try Water Propagation with Houseplants | |

You can learn more about having fun with water propagation my post “How to Style Pothos Plant Clippings.”

9. Leaf Care is Plant Care

12 Tips for Happy Houseplants |

You can give your plants all the water they need, and even fertilize them during the growing season, but if you don’t care for the leaves of your plants they will not be happy. Indoor plants need clean leaves in order to properly absorb the sunlight they need for photosynthesis. Always remember that sunlight is a huge source of your plant’s happiness! Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe away the layers of dust that settle upon the leaves. This ensures maximum absorption of that delicious sunshine. You can do this about once a week, or whenever you notice dust settling, causing your plant’s leaves to look less shiny.

Follow these 12 tips and you'll have happy houseplants! Learn which plants to start with, what pots to use, how to water, and more!

10. Embrace Plant Care Culture

One of my favorite things about being a plant-mom is the community that comes with it. There are so many amazing plant themed Instagrams and blogs out there that can help you connect with fellow plant-lovers. I follow several stunning plant feeds that offer endless inspiration and helpful plant-care tips.

In general, “plant people” are amazingly open and friendly, so don’t be afraid to reach out if you need some support or just want some plant-loving friends! Here are a few my favorite plant feeds:

You can also start a plant Pinterest board, and follow mine here. The more often you see beautiful images of houseplants, the more excited you’ll be about your own indoor jungle. Who knows, maybe you’ll even snap a pic or two (tag me if you do so I can see).

11. Leave Room For Failure

Some plants simply cannot handle the shock of transitioning from a highly humidified nursery with expert care, to being in your home environment. Other times you will try everything you can only to watch a plant whither away. If a plant dies on you, it’s okay. Learn from the experience. Perhaps go back to tip no. 1 and assess whether or not the plant was realistic for your home to begin with.

12 Tips for Happy Houseplants |

If you suspect one of your plants is dying, snip off a clipping and place it into some water to give it a shot at new life via propagation. Then, move on. Know that you tried your best, and look on the bright side: it’s a perfect excuse to bring home a new plant-baby.

12. Build Your Own Plant-Lovers’ Tribe

My houseplants are happy when I’m happy. Connecting with friends over a mutual love of plants is such a joy in my life (no pun intended), and it can be for you too!  Almost all of my friends are into plants and I love chatting with them about how their plant-babes are doing. As with any venture, it helps to feel a sense of community, so why not create one of your own? There are tons of ways to create your own tribe of plant-lovers. Here are a few ideas:

  • Grab a bestie and go visit a nursery together. Bonus points if you grab coffee after.
  • Get a plant-twin with a friend (meaning you both get the same plant on the same day) and share pics of their progress with each other.
  • Experiment with exchanging clippings with friends or creating plant-care packages (more about this in an upcoming post that I’m working on with one of my best plant-friends).
  • If nothing else, tag me on Instagram with a photo of your plants so that I can be your plant-pal!


Additional Resources


  1. For more information about my favorite (and easiest to care for) houseplant, check out this post.
  2. Check out this post to learn how I style Pothos clippings in water.
  3. For a wealth of resources for both indoor and outdoor gardening, check out
  4. To learn more about my journey into plant-motherhood, read my BGWG interview here.




Follow these 12 tips and you'll have happy houseplants! Learn which plants to start with, what pots to use, how to water, and more!

Follow these 12 tips and you'll have happy houseplants! Learn which plants to start with, what pots to use, how to water, and more!

Follow these 12 tips and you'll have happy houseplants! Learn which plants to start with, what pots to use, how to water, and more!


I hope you enjoyed my 12 Tips for Happy Houseplants. If there is a specific question you have, be sure to leave it in the comments so that I can answer it, or jot it down for a future post. If you liked this post, please share it with a friend!

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    I have been waiting for this post since you talked about publishing it! Thanks for this every educative tips. I got some more plants today… thanks to you! My house is starting to look just the way I’ve always imagined my ‘perfect’ living space would look like! I am loving this journey you have pulled me into 😊 Thanks so much xx

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    Such great information. I am not a plant killer but I am also not a plant doctor. I am going to check out getting a water meter. Blessings

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    First of all, I absolutely LOVE the look of your website! I’m not a very good plant Mom to be honest. I have a new plant now, I will definitely keep your tips in mind with it! My favorite tip of yours is getting creative with the display. When it comes to displaying plants, the possibilities are endless!

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    Hey lovely! Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Succulents can be trick for indoors! Try to put them in the absolute sunniest spot, or move them outside where they will have a happier life most of the time. A great starter plant is the Pothos. I hope these tips were helpful! Xo 🙂

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    It is utterly acceptable to slice to start dating,to start a date quite short should you it’s not at all going at all. what’s more, scenario consort with enables you to be feel vulnerable across however, it is very important get out of here today. available a considerate excuse, But the point is get rid of right.

    circumstance your morning is nice, But you are not fascinated with the individual’s provider, Try to make sure you be gracious instead of offend anyone towards fact we would be wise to cure this kind of career follow. if you may want to talk to him / her quickly as more in the long run, inform them to post you an email or to make contact yet again down the track. absolutely nothing is set in stone and also first night out may not at all times be the absolute right place to get to have an acquaintance. everyone who is concerned with preparing to be caught correct into a three or four hour dinner party with your new beneficial, pre-arrange in order to very own dating at a location where the pair of you will not seem interested to stick around say takeaway food eating place.

    schedule to create a double morning with near, Which offers you more of a perception on ones own my dear friend. while we are the only one via yet another we can easily quit what they assert which can you and me, exploiting, in a social starting, we’ll be speaking and consequently exchanging thinking principles associated with people with. your friends and family can have useful awareness whether duty is somebody else you must observe after again. moreover, it is easy to pre-arrange arrive at as well as leaving their date with your, Which offer an additional back-up.

    4. have fun, even so make sure you take some time.

    regardless of what much fun you could be featuring in addition to new roommate, always remember you have you have to attained duty in real life and are still learning the dog. live on the internet friendships are diverse from one in real life, So habitually spend some time when learning someone. Remember to be safe and let your friends and relations recognise when you go to meet your personality.

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